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Get balanced and reconcile your karma with Justice!

The Justice card of the major arcana calls on you to make clear and firm decisions based on truthful facts. It advises you to let your conscious mind guide you to logical conclusions so you can weigh your options and make rational, objective choices without outside or emotional interference. Justice might also be advising you to assume complete responsibility for your actions. It could also refer to legal issues, contracts, or impending judgments (that will work out favorably if deserved).

Traditionally, Justice in tarot also signifies making amends, getting what’s deserved, paying debts, karma, and wrongs righted.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • Creature slithering out from the judge’s robes: despite his efforts to keep society balanced, discrimination and corruption still exist, though he is still determined to try and squash them (represented by his foot clasped around the rotting fish)

  • Ring of keys and corresponding keyhole on background building: the city trusts this judge so much that they gave him the key to it/governorship over its affairs

  • Resolutely gazing eye: straightforward honesty, ability to penetrate lies and expose the truth

  • Waning moon in the distant sky: emotions have little impact on the judge’s findings

Justice Correspondences:

Color: Gray

Planet: Venus, which rules over Taurus and Libra

Stone: Jade

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