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The Hierophant

For this week’s tarot meditation, we focus on card five of the major arcana: The Hierophant

The Hierophant card represents old philosophies and convictions that might need to be re-examined. This card asks you to think for yourself and challenge outdated traditions, questioning thoughts that would limit your freedom or happiness or try to manipulate you. Don’t just conform to the will of others or be a puppet. Seek the truth for yourself, figure out what your true convictions and values are and stick to them with your whole heart. Traditionally, the Hierophant in tarot also signified conforming, holding back, respect, teaching, traditional rules and ceremony, a need for guidance and wise counsel or even a need to conform to certain rules or act appropriately to move ahead with your plans, which seems to present a contrast to the deviant moon meaning I discussed, but when I see this card in a reading I tend to think either meaning could be useful and I read the card based on what other cards appear around it and the energy around the reading.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • Praying hands, one eye open, and one eye closed: he’s half blindly following his faith while worried the doctrine he so firmly believes in might not be true

  • Doll in his pocket: projecting fear into the congregation/flock because he has such influence over their minds

  • Locked knees: closed mindedness and an apprehensive position towards sexuality

The Hierophant Correspondences:

Color: Purple

Planet: Venus, which rules over Taurus and Libra

Stone: Rose Quartz

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