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Joy Debnath Owner

By: Joy Debnath  


     A native to New Orleans, I come from a 3rd generation of jewelers and my grandfather opened the first jewelry store in Chalmette, LA, a suburb of New Orleans. My mother is a master jeweler and she learned Intaglio Die Cutting from H. Alvin Sharpe, the creator of the original Mardi Gras Doubloon. Some of her wire sculpted jewelry pieces are on display in our store.

    Growing up in the jewelry business, I worked with my family as an exhibitor at trade shows around the country.
I learned stone faceting, cabochon, bead stringing, wire sculpting & more throughout my childhood years. I also 
developed relationships with other jewelry designers, some of whom I still purchase finished jewelry from for resale at my storefront today. My experience and education in the Lapidary field led me to pursue a career in the industry and I opened Earth Odyssey in 2004. I hand select every piece of jewelry that we showcase both in-store and online. The pieces I select are chosen not just for their beauty, or for their craftsmanship, but also for the minerals and gemstones used.     Many of the minerals and gemstones that are used in crafting our jewelry are unique and not commonly found in sterling silver designs.

     We freely share the knowledge with our customers about how to harness the energies of the stones for positive growth and self-improvement. Many people who purchase stones for their positive qualities put them away and forget they need to be kept close in order to receive the healing benefits of the stones. Gemstones need to be touching your body, or at least in your immediate personal space, to provide the full spiritual benefits they offer.

     By wearing a gemstone in a piece of jewelry, it is in constant contact with your aura and able to provide the most benefits. Each gemstone or mineral is different, and when you shop with us we help you to find a piece of jewelry that can offer a deep, spiritual connection. For instance, if you seek assistance in manifesting your dreams and desires, Carnelian can give you the strength and drive to make it happen. For matters of the heart, Rose Quartz is a strong attractor of love and helping to heal emotional wounds. Each stone is different, as each person’s needs are different. We carry over 200 types of rocks, minerals, and gemstones so that we can help our customers find that perfect match.


  Seeking to fulfill the requests of our customers, we began offering holistic services and psychic readings in 2011. We continue to thrive thanks to the dedicated people that make up our Earth Odyssey team.  Come and meet us and I am sure that you will feel the positive vibes and go home with something that will improve your well-being.


  .     Our Mission: To foster a desire for holistic living and self-improvement through the use of gemstones, natural products, and spiritual guidance.

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