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The Chariot

It’s time to bust through all obstacles with the Chariot!

The Chariot card represents the moment you’re prepared to break free of any and all confines and move forward in a new direction. You no longer see yourself as helpless or as a victim of circumstance because your notion of what is possible has changed. It’s time to reject self-sabotage, procrastination and excuses, and strive for greatness.

Traditionally, the Chariot in tarot also signifies diligence, willpower, honesty, perseverance, honesty, and sticking to the “right” path (for you) when you’re pulled in different directions. It also represents success, sexual prowess, determination, victory, journeys, and references to transportation/vehicles that are very literal.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • Armor: confidence; scars of the mental battles the character has survived

  • Focused eyes: the character is determined even when weary

  • Enlarged head: the character has a tremendous will and is overflowing with ideas that lead to bold and immediate action

  • Waxing moon: working towards the manifestation of dreams/the ongoing growth of a venture/upward mobility

The Chariot Correspondences:

Color: Bright Red

Planet: The Moon, which rules over Cancer

Stone: Moonstone

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