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The Lovers

This week. We’re kicking off the new year learning about the Lovers card!

The Lovers card represents the dynamic power of two distinct forces coming together in harmony. Contrasting elements merge to form a unique new entity. Intimate relationships will likely prosper and love and heated romance will flourish, but you may need to better embrace the healthy differences between you and your partner.

Traditionally, the Lovers card in tarot also signified choices and specifically, making choices that are right for you. Often, these choices directly involve relationships, but moreover, it indicates a choice must be made in which you may need to let your heart decide over your logical brain. Ultimately, the card asks, “what does love mean to you?”

Some important symbols to note include:

  • Hair of the woman is leading into the water: deep subconscious thought; the emotional side to a relationship/balanced union

  • The man’s wide eye: physicality, or, the physical side of a relationship

  • The barren desert/mountains in the background: if the relationship is based solely on passion it will be empty and void of staying power

  • Full moon overhead: manifesting this union into existence

  • Snake biting the man’s leg: the couple is so involved in their moment that they can’t feel the bites, but soon, the seductive poison may overtake them both and they won’t be able to resist the temptations of love—so hopefully they’ve made the choices that are best for them

The Lovers Correspondences:

Color: Green

Planet: Mercury, which rules over Virgo and Gemini

Stone: Citrine

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