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The Sun

Updated: Feb 1

The Sun is one of the most positive and uplifting cards in a Tarot deck. It brings a

message of optimism, joy, success, and vitality. It represents the essence of life and light,

dissolving darkness and confusion with clarity and positivity.

In classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot decks, the card is dominated by imagery of a

shining sun beneath which a child rides a white horse. This symbolizes innocence, purity, and new beginnings.

In the Deviant Moon deck, the Sun is depicted as a large sun shining over the city and a pair of dancing twins joined in a harmonious bond. They are united by their similarities proving that together in the light of the sun anything is possible.

When the Sun comes up in a reading, it signals a time of productive energy, success,

joy, optimism, confidence, vitality, and enthusiasm for life. The Sun reflects happiness in

relationships, friendships, and other connections. It represents success in creative

endeavors, the completion of goals, and embracing one’s inner child. When the Sun

appears, it reminds us that all shadows eventually give way to light. If things have been

challenging for you lately, then drawing the Sun represents a shift into more positive energy and happy times to come. If you are already happy, then drawing the Sun is a nice reminder that it is safe to be present and enjoy happiness. You do not have to be waiting for “the other shoe to drop” or worried things are “too good to be true.” The Universe is happy that-you’re- happy!

*Sun Card correspondences:

💫Color: Gold

💫Planet/Celestial Body: Sun, which rules Leo

💫Stone: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Sunstone

The sun card from the Deviant Moon tarot deck surrounded by crystals

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