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The Star

The Star bears a beautiful message of healing, rejuvenation, and wishing after the chaos of the Tower card. Though in need of nourishment herself during a drought, the maiden on the card pours the last of the liquid she has upon the earth trusting in spirit and in herself to be able to replenish it later. The Star represents beautiful opportunities on the horizon for you, especially after hard times. If you can hold out and be optimistic a little longer, you will be rewarded.

The Star tarot card brings guidance to release the past, heal, and regain hope and optimism. It speaks of a calm after a storm, where you can connect to your higher purpose and regain clarity in moving forward. While the water in the card represents subconscious emotions, The Star reminds you that you have the power to replenish yourself emotionally and spiritually.

Ultimately, The Star card carries a message to have faith in yourself and focus on the future with an open heart. It may indicate a need for spiritual reflection, creative inspiration, or a re-commitment to personal truth. With The Star's reassurance, you can shed old doubts and renew your connections, moving forward with optimism and serenity.

⠀⠀Some important symbols to note include: ⠀⠀

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

*Naked woman kneeling at the edge of/pouring water —>represents her ability to navigate both the material world and emotional realm

*Stars above the maiden—>symbolize cosmic alignment, synchronicity, optimism, and the ability to make wishes for what you want with the innocence and faith of a child wishing upon a star

Star Card correspondences:


💫 Color: Light Blue

💫Planet: Uranus, which rules Aquarius

💫Stone: Turquoise

The Star Tarot card surrounded by crystals

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