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The Moon

Updated: Jan 3

The Moon is one of the most mysterious cards in the tarot deck, as it represents the waxing and waning nature of clarity, illusion, and the subconscious mind. 

In its classic imagery, the Moon card depicts a full Moon shining its light onto a night landscape, where a crawfish emerges from a pool of water and a path leads between two towers into the mountains. A dog and wolf are howling at the Moon in the foreground, representing the tension between our civilized and untamed sides.

The Deviant Moon deck shows the Moon appearing to control a pair of puppets, symbolizing that your actions might not be entirely your own at present and that any confusion or lack of clarity you’re dealing with at the moment may be due to outside forces (emotional influences, lack of information, manipulation, or even the moon itself). 

When The Moon arises in a reading, it indicates a heightening of intuition, creativity, and psychic perception. However, its energy also brings some confusion, fear, and distorted reality. The internal tug between logic and animal instinct surfaces.

Ultimately, The Moon card in tarot pushes us to open ourselves to spiritual or mystical experiences while wading through some uncertainty. Beliefs may be tested or challenged, but now is a time for using inner light for guidance while remaining aware of illusions. By embracing and working through the dark shadows of The Moon, enlightenment follows. By welcoming The Moon's light, great inner wildness and wisdom can be discovered and even if you don’t have the clarity you need now, you need only wait until your intuition waxes as strongly and fully as the moon. 

*Moon Card correspondences:


💫 Color: Silver

💫Planet/Celestial Body: Moon, which rules Cancer

💫Stone: Moonstone, Selenite

The Moo Tarot Card
The Moon

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