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The Tower

If ever there could be a card more feared than Death or the Devil, I give you, the third big tarot “scary,” the Tower. Both Death and the Tower tend to signify change, but whereas Death card changes seem to signify more gradual changes that we can kind of see coming (when we look back, especially, we have those “hindsight is 20/20” experiences) whereas the Tower card changes are most often sudden, abrupt, and jarring. However, just as with the Death card, the kinds of changes the Tower indicates tend to be in our best interest in the long run.

Usually, if one doesn’t heed the Devil card’s warning and give up what no longer serves them willingly, the Tower card shows up when spirit is going to intervene for our higher good and take the toxic thing, person, situation, or habit away from us.

The Tower card is about external disruptions, revelations, breakdowns of old philosophies and ways of viewing the world, temporary chaos, and sometimes, even literal structural damage to buildings and residences.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • Tower atop the gray globe: the archaic traditions and beliefs often instituted upon one’s mind

  • Two men falling: inability to resist fate; surrendering to the universe’s intervention

The Tower Correspondences:

Color: Red

Planet: Mars, which rules over Aries

Stone: Red Agate

The Tower Tarot Card surrounded by crystals of red jasper, black obsidian adn carnelian
The Tower Taror Card

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