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The Emperor

For this week’s tarot exploration, we focus on card four of the major arcana: The Emperor

The Emperor card appears when you need to take charge of your mind and master yourself so that you can exert more control in the outside world.

Don’t be afraid to harness your subconscious and intelligence to overcome anything standing in the way of your goals, but thoughts alone won’t be enough. You’ll have to take action to achieve your objective. Traditionally, the Emperor in tarot also signified the father archetype. He represents power, authority, leadership, structured thought, and increased stability. It’s good to go after what you want, but be wary of being too forceful or stubborn or stepping on others to brashly achieve your own ends. The Emperor card can also signify impregnation, virility, and potency. Ideas the Emperor manifests into reality tend to be long lasting because they’re built on firm foundations.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • The majestic pose and regal clothes: confidence

  • Regal staff: proud display of dominance

  • Pinning the demon to the floor with the staff and weight of his boot: physical effort to keep the demon at bay; also shows the need to be vigilant lest the demon escape

  • Pointing his finger to his head: true courage comes from the mind, not the heart

  • Small metallic moon on his staff: transformation of subconscious thought into tangible form (aka action + mental prowess=results)

The Emperor Correspondences:

Color: Dark Blue

Planet:Mars, which rules over Aries

Stone: Carnelian and Red Jasper

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