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The Empress

For this week’s tarot exploration, we focus on card three of the major arcana: The Empress.

The Empress card appears when you need to assume a nurturing role to bring your idea, project, or even actual life, to physical form. Leave doubt and resistance behind and embrace imagination. The card represents fertility in all its forms–but what will you do with this fertile energy? Your thoughts and ideas are your “brainchild” ready to be born into existence and grow with your cultivation and care. Are you willing to sacrifice the time and energy to reap the benefits? When the Empress card appears, you might be going through a change in lifestyle that calls for you to come to terms with a new responsibility.

The Empress card in a reading can also signify the mother archetype and mothering. It can indicate a mother figure is about to be a significant influence in your life. It can signify the giving and receiving of love, as well as passion, sensual pleasure, and even marriage.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • The vine: it emanates from her body with an orange bud at the end that is ready to blossom; symbolizes her new pregnancy

  • Glancing over her shoulder: reflects her leaving a phase of her life to enter a new one and wondering if she’s ready. The waning moon in the upper left corner can also be viewed as symbolic of transition

  • 3 breasts: she’s adequately prepared to nurture literally anything into form

  • Stone pedestal: symbolizes her regal position in the major arcana–she is the empress, after all

The Empress Correspondences:

Color: Pink

Planet: Venus, which rules over Taurus and Libra

Stone: Pink and Green Tourmaline; Rose Quartz

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