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The Magician

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The Magician card appears when you have all the tools and everything you need inside yourself to accomplish your dreams. It illustrates the importance of practice, sacrifice, determination, and focus to your desired outcome. It also asks you to acknowledge your true intentions in something you’re working on–are you being manipulated or trying to manipulate someone else?

The creator of the Deviant Moon deck, Patrick Valenza, says the art in this Magician card is inspired by the texture of the tombstones in cemeteries he explored in his youth (the brownish background), Venetian fashion (the magician’s clothes), and a character from a story he wrote when he was a teenager in the early 80’s.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • The waning moon in the upper right corner of the card, which encourages you to not waste your talents or opportunities or let them dwindle away unused

  • The body/four hands of the character: combination of abstraction with realism; multiple arms to perform the actions of all four tarot suit symbols (wands, cups, pentacles, swords)

  • The wand, sword, cup, and pentacle: the four suits of tarot; having all the tools you need to accomplish your dreams

  • Hyperfocused facial expression: the importance of practice, perseverance, and determined focus to work towards mastery of a skill

  • Finger dipped in cup of blood: art and achievements often don’t come without some form of sacrifice

  • Box at his knees: material manifestation/reward for effort

  • Shadows of audience members: are they real or imagined? Is he envisioning a time when he’ll be able to share his craft with others? Is he manipulating a live audience with exactly the illusions he wants them to perceive? Either way, he’s in control

The Magician Correspondences:

Color: Yellow

Planet: Mercury, which rules Gemini and Virgo

Stone: Topaz

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