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Temperance is one of the more beautiful cards of the major arcana. It features the calm permission to rest we found in the Hanged Man, but with a sense of hope and healing akin to the Star. The Deviant Moon tarot meaning suggests temperance is about “synthesizing diverse thoughts into new and powerful ideas,” emphasizing the mixing and balancing symbolism we see in the card. Temperance indicates a time to bring together creative elements to make art or cleverly compromise, the act of correcting imbalances in one’s life, and meditation, rejuvenation, and healing. It’s also about self-control, a need for sobriety from something that one has been experiencing or consuming in excess, and a call to implement healthier habits (physically, mentally, and spiritually) for oneself (hence the name of the card being “temperance.”)

The symbolism depicted in this Temperance card is from the Deviant Moon Tarot.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • One eye open and one eye closed: she’s half dreaming and existing on the edge of the subconscious

  • The water her toes are touching: the limitless imagination and creativity she’s connecting with

  • Pinky finger pointed towards the heavens: she’s channeling divine guidance from above

  • The isolated oasis she’s on: a place to quiet her mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city

  • Mixing her concoctions: the passage of time, mixing memories of the past with her hopes for the future, balance and harmony generated by the mixing of these things that she can then bring to others

Temperance Correspondences:

Color: Lavender

Planet: Jupiter, which rules over Sagittarius

Stone: Turquoise

temperance tarot card

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