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The Devil Unveiled

Oh, the Devil…we hate to love him and love to hate him. I like to refer to the Devil card as “whatever it is that chains you,” whether that be destructive habits or thought patterns, addictions, codependent relationships, or even just your fears and anxieties that might be holding you back—even if sometimes these detrimental behaviors might seem alluring. But know that you always have the power to break whatever chains are holding you.

Some important symbols to note include on The Devil card from the Deviant Moon Tarot Deck are:

  • Waning moon: need to banish or release something that no longer serves you

  • Withered wings and rotting skin: this devil was once an angel, but has since fallen into decay

  • The devil here also appears back in the Emperor card, but doesn’t look as big or scary there, portrayed more as a pathetic toy that the Emperor is keeping at bay (because he notoriously has control over himself and his inhibitions)

The Devil Correspondences:

Color: Black

Planet: Saturn, which rules over Capricorn

Crystal: Black Obsidian

The Devil Tarot Card

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