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The Fool's Journey

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Whether you view tarot as more of a spiritual, psychological, or entertainment experience (or some combination of the three), I believe there are countless ways a regular tarot practice can help anyone open to receiving its guidance. To those who take a more spiritual view of tarot, the cards are a tool for divining messages from one’s guardian angels, spirit guides, and/or higher self and the reader is merely a form of “google translate” for these messages. From a psychological perspective, tarot allows you to use powerful symbols of the collective unconscious to “storyboard” your life and view it from a more objective perspective. In readings about the future, I see the cards that come forward as a -potential- trajectory–the way things will likely go if your current circumstances and behavior remain unchanged.

Fortunately for us, we live in a universe ruled not just by fate, but by free will as well…so if something comes up in a reading that bothers or scares you, you still have a chance to look inward, figure out why it scares you, and if need be, course-correct to manifest a different outcome. I hope that you enjoy going on the “Fool’s Journey” and delving into a deeper understanding of tarot with me. We will be using the Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza as we explore each card of the deck and delve deeper into its meaning.

The Fool

The fool card appears when you’re approaching a new beginning or you need to forge your own unique path, even if it means you have to deviate from what’s considered normal and conventional. Others may consider your improvised plans and lack of preparation absurd, but seize the moment and take a chance on yourself!

In Patrick Valenza’s Deviant Moon tarot book, he talks about how the art in this Fool Card is inspired by the structures of an abandoned psychiatric hospital in New York (the cityscape in the background art of the card), Venetian canals (the canal and gondola) and some of his earliest dreams and past life visions (the figure of the “insane dancing harlequin”.)

Some important symbols to note include:

  • The Waxing Moon in the upper left hand corner of the card, which signifies a beacon of subliminal influence and that the energy is ripe for goal setting and manifestation

  • The Pajamas: This character being out in his sleep clothes shows a rejection of convention (he doesn’t care what others think) and the fact that he’s out in the canal outside the city limits further illustrates this. The pajamas also blur the line between being awake and sleeping, so pay attention to your dreams.

  • The Gondola: This symbolizes starting a new voyage/new beginning

  • The Fish: The canal fish nibbling his leg shows he can’t totally escape reality, a reminder that he’s awake even if he feels like he’s dreaming (like when people say “pinch, me I must be dreaming”). All great accomplishments may start with a dream, but maybe it’s time to start grounding that dream in reality even if it seems unattainable to others.

The Fool Correspondences:

Color: White

Planet: Uranus, which rules Aquarius

Stone: Carnelian

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