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February 2024 Tarotscopes

Aries: The Devil; The Hierophant -

It is time for you to take a “time out” and decide what you want and not let others try to persuade you otherwise. Stand firm on your convictions. 

Taurus: King of Pentacles; 10 of Cups - 

Lots of positive vibes this month as things finally start falling into place for you. Just remember to show gratitude to others this month who might not be as fortunate. 

Gemini: Page of Cups reversed; King of Pentacles - 

This is not the month to bite your nose to spite your face there. There could be an offer worth looking at. Don’t let pride get in your way.

Cancer: 2 of Swords; 9 of Wands - 

Don’t make any major decisions until you have ALL the facts. This is too big a decision for regrets later. 

Leo: 9 of Swords; Page of Pentacles reversed -

Time for you to look up at the facts. It might be a good month to make amends with yourself first before tackling the “bigger” issue.

Virgo: Knight of Wands; Chariot reversed -

This is a month with regards to “things” not moving ahead as you planned. Time for you to take the bull by the horns and get on a clearer path.

Libra: 6 of Pentacles; Page of Wands -

Great month to speak up and get what you finally deserve. Once you do that major growth is ahead, but you need to take the first step.

Scorpio: Fool reversed; King of Pentacles -

Why are you so afraid of this solid opportunity? This has all the “things” you have asked the universe for. Go for it!

Sagittarius: 5 of Wands; 2 of Swords reversed -

Lots of changes this month. An emotional decision might set you back a bit but by months ends you will see clearly what decision you need to make for yourself. 

Capricorn: 6 of Wands; The Moon reversed -

This is a great month for rewards and recognition. Your “haters” are no longer stopping you from achieving your desires and goals/dreams - Congrats!

Aquarius: 9 of Pentacles reversed; 7 of Swords -

Money is going to be a “big” issue this month. You might have to stop someone from taking advantage of your generous nature. Also, a “surprise” expense might be a little more costly than anticipated - 

Pisces: 9 of Cups reversed; Justice reversed -

This is going to be a month where you might find it difficult to maintain balance as you are being pulled in many directions. Make sure to take care of yourself before others as your health might suffer.

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