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December 2023 Tarotscopes

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Aries: King of Swords Reversed; 6 of Swords Reversed

This is a month to watch both your back and your words. Keep your cards close to your chest as everything is not as it appears to be.

Taurus: 4 of Swords; 6 of Swords Reversed

Emotions might be heightened as a conversation doesn’t seem to be getting the response or progress you anticipated. This is a time to be patient.

Gemini: 6 of Cups Reversed; 8 of Swords Reversed

An apology might be forthcoming on either your part or someone else’s. This might be a good time to make amends as this is an emotional bond that can be mended.

Cancer: Ace of Wands Reversed; Queen of Wands Reversed

This is a month to get out of your own way and get things done. Once you clear your “decks”, you will welcome in a new beginning and things will move forward full steam ahead.

Leo: The Devil; 3 of Wands

With all this passion and excitement you are heading to a new chapter in your life with major movement and expansion. Go get it! You deserve it! Congrats!

Virgo: The Hanged Man Reversed; 2 of Pentacles Reversed

Decision month is upon you. It is time to put both feet into something to better secure your future. Stop over analyzing. You got this!

Libra: The Empress Reversed; 9 of Pentacles

It’s time for you to step up to the plate with all these new opportunities coming to you. There is much abundance and rewards if you just take that first step. Do not fear this change.

Scorpio: The Emperor Reversed; 6 of Pentacles

Stubbornness will get you nowhere this month. Compromise will serve you well with achieving both your professional and personal goals.

Sagittarius: 7 of Swords Reversed; 8 of Cups Reversed

An emotional situation that has been weighing on you will finally come to an end. It is time to release the expectations and give yourself the self love needed to heal.

Capricorn: 2 of Pentacles Reversed; The Hanged Man Reversed

This is a month to plan your next move regarding a financial decision. Within 2-3 weeks after the decision is made, you will see the beginning of your rewards.

Aquarius: The Magician Reversed; Judgment

Now that the end of the year is here you are doing some soul searching and planning for 2024. A lot of major transformations are going to take place and very rapidly. Be ready for these exciting changes.

Pisces: 2 of Swords Reversed; 10 of Pentacles Reversed

This is not a month to let anyone talk you into something you do NOT want to do. Stand your ground on your wants and needs. It is not about being selfish. It’s about your own self worth.

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