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Caribbean Calcite: Relax & Enjoy the Vibes

With midsummer upon us, the days are long and hot and the temptation to sink your toes into warm sand and cool ocean water is endless. However the full moon this month, the Buck moon, is all about using the power of productivity to achieve your goals (particular those intentions centered around themes of abundance and fertility). Though, while it is important to stay focused and keep your “eyes on the prize", all work without rest, self-care, and listening to the needs of your physical and emotional bodies can quickly lead to burnout.

Enter Caribbean Calcite for all of your summer calming needs!

Caribbean Calcite was discovered fairly recently–in 2019! And though it is named for the beautiful Caribbean waters it resembles, this stone is actually from Pakistan (which is actually the ONLY place this unique and special stone can be found as of right now). Its beachy pattern is achieved by a combination of blue calcite, white aragonite, and light brown aragonite and the stone is so calming that you can’t help but feel refreshed as soon as you hold or touch it.

Metaphysically, Caribbean Calcite is associated with promoting a sense of peace and calm as well as enhancing one’s psychic ability and emotional understanding. If you’re feeling caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind or if you’re finding yourself daydreaming about taking a break or a vacation, this stunning stone will have you feeling not only more calm, but also with an enhanced capacity for emotional clarity (such as understanding exactly -why- you or another person feel a certain type of way) and recognizing and using insights from your intuition for your highest good.

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