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"Wheel of Fortune"

Flow with change as the Wheel of Fortune turns!

The Wheel of Fortune card symbolizes the ever-turning wheel of luck and misfortune that we call life. Both are inevitable in the cycle of life, but you still have the power and agency to do all you can to create your own destiny and refuse to become a victim of circumstance. Seize opportunities and learn from adversities. Gamble on yourself and spin the wheel of fortune in the direction of your choice (feel free to take chances!) Getting this card in a reading could mean your life is about to turn into a new cycle, for better or for worse, but know there’s no way to entirely predict the outcome. The message then is to accept the things you cannot change, but change what you can as well as how you react either way.

Traditionally, the Wheel of Fortune in tarot also signifies inevitability, luck, timing, destiny, synchronicity, coincidence, and taking responsibility for your actions rather than blaming them on fate. After all, we can’t control what fate brings us, but we can control how we respond to it. This card can also refer to gambling and games of chance.

Some important symbols to note within this Deviant Moon Deck include:

  • Carnival worker holding her hand out: she expects payment, for there is always a cost when fate reveals her mysteries

  • Anxious customer on wobbling stool: He relies on chance and hope of good fortune to get him through life; the wobbly stool represents his unsteady faith in himself

  • Winged monkey: strange and powerful forces guide the revolution of the wheel

  • Two blind fish on the sides of the wheel: they’re headed in opposite directions, and like the customer, allowing the random spin of chance to dictate their course through the stream of life

Wheel of Fortune Correspondences:

Color: Orange

Planet: Jupiter, which rules over Sagittarius

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

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