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Vanadinite: Empower Your Mars Month

The March Full Moon (which this year rises on March 7th) is called the Worm Moon or Crow Moon, because it’s the time of year where in many parts of the U.S, the “caw cawing” of crows is incessant. It is considered the last full moon of winter and this year, is also a super moon, making it perfect for planting new intentional seeds in time for spring. What better crystal to get you amped up and motivated than Vanadinite?

Perfect for the month named after Mars, the vibrant red and orange colors of Vanadinite evoke energies similar to that of the Red Planet. It is a unique ore of Vanadium that also contains Lead, Oxygen, and Chlorine. It has a hardness of only 3—which means it is fairly breakable, so be careful with your specimen! It is a member of the Apatite group of minerals and its crystals form in the shape of visible hexagons that grow below the surface of the earth in desert climates. Our specimens at Earth Odyssey, as well as most specimens in retail stores, come from Morocco where the presence of blood red high quality crystals are highly sought after. The only other places of significant deposits are Mexico and Arizona, USA. The Arizona deposits are located mostly on sacred Apache land and the area is protected from commercial exploitation under Federal Law. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause high quality specimens to lose their translucency so keep your Vanadinite out of direct sun. Vanadinite is unique metaphysically in that it is associated not only with hard work, discipline, and seeing things through to completion, but also with adventure, creativity, and the joy of living life.

When reading anything about Vanadinite, you may hear the phrase “work hard; play hard” in your head along with the saying “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Mars energy and the Full Crow Moon are all about getting excited and motivated and then using that drive to accomplish your goals and see your projects through to completion. So stick a Vanadinite cluster on your desk or in your creative work space and get ready to be inspired!

The other metaphysical property primarily associated with Vanadinite is its ability to promote stamina and vitality, so if you are trying to get out of the “winter slump” and fight the fatigue brought on by colder weather and shorter days, this mineral can help you get energized and motivated.

Robert Simmons also writes in his Book of Stones that “for those whose work entails intuitive readings, channeling, or mediumship, Vanadinite can provide stamina and grounding…[it] helps one stay linked with the body without diminishing one’s link to higher vibrational realms.” He also writes that Vanadinite can help healers in the same way.

With all of that said, this month is a great time to bring some Vanadinite out into your garden and meditate on the intentional “seeds” you want to plant, literally and figuratively, in time for Aries season! As they say, the early crow gets the worm (moon).

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