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The Hermit

Get comfortable in your own energy with the hermit!

The Hermit card could mean you’re allowing fear (especially fear of being alone/single/by yourself) to drive you into a corner. You may feel an urgent need to withdraw from your problems, but your internalized fears will continue to haunt you until you courageously confront them, face to face. It can represent feelings of loneliness and isolation. In addition, the Hermit could personify someone who feels like a social outcast. A lighter interpretation of the card is that you simply need some time alone to figure things out and make important decisions without outside influence. If this is the case, turn away from life’s demands and find a quiet place to meditate in solitude. When you emerge from your peaceful retreat, you will feel refreshed, recharged, and enlightened.

Traditionally, the Hermit in tarot also signifies needing to look within for answers and do some soul-searching to form your own opinion outside of other people’s. It tells us not to be scared of being alone, but also not to let feelings of loneliness hold us back.

Some important symbols to note include:

  • Creature wrapping an arm around his head: binding and restricting all thoughts that could actually be empowering to him if he would let them

  • Doorless hiding spot: it’s imperfect, making it impossible to fully shut out the outside world

  • Smelly, decomposing fish: anxiety and the creature’s inability to hide from himself

  • Waxing moon: the potential for growth that can be gleaned from time spent alone if one isn’t afraid of it

Hermit Correspondences:

Color: Silver

Planet: Mercury, which rules over Gemini and Virgo

Stone: Peridot

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