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September 2023 Sun Sign Tarot Forecast

Aries: 2 of Wands Reversed; Hanged Man

Why are you taking one step forward and two steps back? Now is the time to leave the past in the past and put two feet forward into your next adventure or journey. Time is a-wasting!!

Taurus: 5 of Swords; 3 of Wands Reversed

Don’t let anyone or anything get the upper hand this month! Stand in your truth even if it means standing alone for the time being.

Gemini: 5 of Swords; 5 of Wands Reversed

There is a lot of confusion about what direction to take. This could be a good month for you to do a little soul searching until you are on your solid grounds about your next step

Cancer: 4 of Wands; 6 of Pentacles Reversed

You might be receiving mixed messages regarding a relationship (love and business). Make sure you are receiving the same amount of love and energy that you are putting out before you continue.

Leo: Justice; 9 of Pentacles

It is an awesome month for money and things that you have been working on to come together. Any legal documents or decisions are a BIG go!!! Just make sure to celebrate your accomplishments. You deserve it!

Virgo: Death Reversed; Queen of Cups

This is going to be a month of a lot of emotional releases. But remember an empty cup will fill up again with other blessings. Don’t rush the process of healing this month and don’t over analyze why. The universe has your back!

Libra: The Fool; Temperance Reversed

This is a time for a major leap of faith. Your emotions are playing havoc with this decision as other peoples’ feelings play a huge part in this decision. It is YOUR time to shine. They will understand in time.

Scorpio: The Fool; 5 of Pentacles

This month might not be the right time to start a new endeavor. You are only looking at the positives with this outcome. It is time to take your rose colored glasses off and see the whole picture before taking a leap.

Sagittarius: 6 of Wands Reversed; 9 of Wands Reversed

Patience is going to be a virtue for you this month. You are so close to the finish line on a project. Don’t rush the award at the finish line. Answers are forthcoming in October and so are the rewards.

Capricorn: 7 of Cups Reversed; King of Swords

Be careful of what you ask the Universe for this month because you might be surprised to get it. But once you receive it, are you ready to manifest it? Actions speak louder than words for you this month.

Aquarius: 7 of Pentacles; 9 of Wands Reversed

With all these options, it’s time for you to narrow down what you really want to work on. You might feel overwhelmed this month but you know how to get it done.

Pisces: 2 of Swords Reversed; 6 of Swords

If there has been miscommunication in the past, remember the lesson. You can make amends with yourself and this situation (person, issue). But it is time to move on and release the pain back into the Universe.

September Tarot Forecast

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