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Updated: Mar 3

The Judgment card is so named not because it actually has to do with “judging” or “being judged,” but because of the Biblical “judgment day” imagery it draws from. The Judgment card might be more aptly called the “rebirth” or “destiny” or “higher/highest calling” card, as it has to do with major life transitions and calls to action. 

In its classic imagery, the Judgment card generally shows archangel Gabriel blowing a horn from heaven as souls rise from their graves. This symbolizes a powerful awakening and resurrection where one is called to awaken to their true purpose and rise up to a higher calling.

In the Deviant Moon imagery, the Angel of Judgment wears a crown and has wings meant to look like they are carved from tombstones to illustrate a metaphor that “death frees the spirit to fly off to another plane of existence.” Using his trumpet, the angel awakens the dead from their sleep, as they are no longer able to deny the existence of the spirit realm, miracles, and magic. One of the figures is even “smacking his forehead in profound realization.” 

In tarot readings, the Judgment card’s message is to wake up to the call of spirit. Judgment represents a major life shift or decision that will lead to significant changes in which one breaks free from old limitations and is reborn. The card invites you to release any feelings of guilt, regret, or anything else holding you back from awakening to your full potential and align with your soul’s purpose. The Judgment card also asks you not to fear major life shifts and have confidence that the things that are shifting for you now are in the interest of your highest possible good. 

*Judgment Card correspondences:


💫 Color: Red

💫Planet/Celestial Body: Pluto, which rules Scorpio

💫Stone: Hematite, Malachite

Deviant Moon Judgment tarot card with grounding crystals
Judgment Card

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