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Tarot, Angel, Crystal & Soul Readings

Image by Magic Bowls


Yolanda brings ancient wisdom and intuition to guide individuals through life's uncertainties.  Each reading is a transformative experience, illuminating paths forward and uncovering hidden truths.

Tarot readings shed light on what is happening in your life at present and what is coming up for you in the near future.


Angel readings connect you with your guardian angels, archangels and spirit guides to receive messages of love, healing and guidance.

Crystal readings harness the energy and vibrational properties of crystals to provide you with holistic insights and guidance about your personality and the way you interact with the world.

Soul readings delve deep into your essence as we explore your soul's journey, past experiences and current challenges to facilitate healing and growth.  Profound insights are offered to transform your life.


PLEASE READ: When booking appointments for groups of three (3) or more, you MUST CALL THE STORE FRONT 504-581-1348 to book in order to reserve accurate appointment times for your group.
For appointments for 1-2 people you may book online or call to book if you prefer.


Please review our "Terms of Service" here before booking your appointment.  By booking and/or receiving services at Earth Odyssey you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

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