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Alta: "May Her Memory Be a Blessing"

alta tarot readings

It is with the deepest sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Alta into the realm of spirit. Since 2016, Alta had been offering psychic readings at Earth Odyssey, but she has shared her exceptional intuitive gifts with the world for four decades. She was an open and unbiased Shano Da Nai "Child of Wind".


In addition to being a gifted medium, Alta was a guiding light and source of comfort for so many. She helped people to process grief and loss, make important decisions, and celebrate life’s important milestones and moments. 


She had a talent for truly seeing beyond the mundane and obvious. Whether it was seeing deep beyond the veil into the spirit world, into the cosmos beyond the stars, or simply seeing people for who they really are, Alta never wanted to be blinded to anything. 


She was proud of her Nez Perce and Blackfoot indigenous heritage and created beautiful shawls and regalia through her U-Neek Rabbit label. 


Family, friends, coworkers, and clients alike appreciated Alta’s sense of humor, and ability to diffuse any kind of tension with her enthusiasm and love. Countless customers over the years have commented on how Alta made them feel comfortable and ease, like family, like she’d known them for years—and that she responded with genuine excitement to the positive events coming up in their futures as well as true compassion in helping people find closure after loss. 


Alta was (and is) an empowering force, a beacon of hope and light, and forever irreplaceable in our hearts. 


Alta’s memorial service was conducted by an elder from her tribe on 

October 23, 2022 in Alabama.  A number of our staff members attended and participated in the traditional Native American ceremonies that set her spirit free. It was a healing experience and we have all felt her presence and know she is at peace.


We appreciate everyone’s compassion during this difficult time and invite you to share your favorite Alta memories or ways she has helped our inspired you by entering them into the form below.  We will share these thoughts with her family on your behalf. Thank you for being a part of honoring and remembering our remarkable friend.










Here is a collection of wonderful reviews from her clients during her time at Earth Odyssey:

.5 STAR Google Review by Jordyn (Jan 2021)

 I stumbled into Earth Odyssey on a rainy day and walked out having had the best reading of my life. She soothed my soul and intricately wove together the lessons of my past and current life. She guided me back to my purpose. Today, just over two years later, I had my second reading with Alta. Now, more than ever, I feel empowered to put my past to rest and welcome in the blessings and love my future has to offer. You are a guiding light, Alta.

5 STAR Yelp Review from Lia from Washington, DC (Apr 2020)
"....A few years ago, I had a past life reading with Alta that was amazing. She read me to the GODS! To this day when I listen back on that recording I am shocked at how detailed and accurate she was. "

5 STAR Google Review by Jenny (Dec 2018)

"...I saw the psychic Alta and she was amazing. She made me feel very welcomed. She was amazing and helped me find closure with my mother's death. I feel like I made a new friend and I recommend going to her..." 

5 STAR Google Review by Jessica (Oct 2018)

"...I also got a reading by Alta, and let me tell you, it was life changing. Everything she read in the cards during my reading was very relevant and so incredibly accurate..."

5 STAR Yelp Review by Shaundel from San Jose, CA (Sep 2018)

"...she said a few things then came out with information that no one knows except close family and friends. She amazed me. The ways she spoke was very empowering and positive. I would definitely recommend her..."


5 STAR Yelp Review by Sabrina from Palmdale, CA (Mar 2018)

"...We booked readings with Alta and she's very down to earth, open, and honest. She performed an animal totem and tarot reading for me and really opened my eyes and enlightened my path. She only asked me two questions, my name and birth month, and everything unfolded from there, truly astounding. I feel like she's a family member I never knew I had, and I can't wait to see her again!"

5 STAR Yelp Review by Alex from Portland, OR (Feb 2018)

"...We engaged in a couples tarot reading and a past life reading that still have me reeling. She is a conduit of intense energy and can definitely tune into your frequency with very little effort. I recommend Alta to anyone I can find..."

5 STAR Yelp Review by Susanne from San Diego, CA (July 2017)

"I had a reading with Alta and I was literally blown away with her abilities. The reading was phenomenal and amazing!..."

5 STAR Yelp Review by Kathy from Sacramento, CA (June 2017

"...Alta delivered a deep and specific reading that felt true to me and with specific actions I could take to integrate more fully in this time-space..."

5 STAR Google Review by Marina (Mar 2017)

" The psychic I had spoken with (Alta) was very accurate with her tarot card reading that she conducted on me and my friend Natalie. It was a wonderful experience and I cant wait to revisit..."

*Alta was also the co-author of a book entitled Orbducted in the French Quarter.  It is a true account of a paranormal experience that occurred right here in the French Quarter over 20 years ago.  Available here at our online store!

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