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"Tarotscopes" Forecast [November 2021}

Gain valuable insight from Carol, our staff psychic, who incorporates both Tarot & Astrology in her predictions to empower you! See what to expect this November 2021. For an in depth individual reading, please call 504.581.1348 to book an appointment with Miss Carol today.

Aries = Knight of Wands Reversed; Death

It is time for a major release & renew this month. This transformation will put a new spark in your heart & dreams. Go for it! Taurus = 7 of Wands; 4 of Wands Reversed

Time to get out of your head. You are overthinking it. The Universe says time for action. Then it will be time to celebrate this achievement!

Gemini = Temperance Reversed; 9 of Cups Reversed

Believe it or not you do have options. It’s just that you have so many it’s hard to choose. Take time out and narrow it down to a couple that will make your decision a lot easier

Cancer = Knight of Swords Reversed; 8 of Cups

If you are looking for stability it is NOT with this current situation. It’s time to venture out on your own and find your true calling & worth.

Leo = 2 of Cups; Emperor

It’s a great month for matters of the heart. One of you wants to go slow & the other wants to speed it up. Compromise & find a happy medium & it will work out! Lots of love abounds!

Virgo = Page of Swords; 9 of Wands

This is a month where you might have to tip-toe around an issue until you know all the facts. Stay still and calm until that time.

Libra = 3 of Swords; 4 of Swords

Take time out for you this month. It’s time to nurture your dreams that you put on hold and go to plan B. It can still happen... just be patient a bit longer

Scorpio = Page of Swords Reversed; Knight of Wands

It’s time for you to take the bull by the horns and get it done. This issue has been going on for sometime now & once you cross the finish line you will be a lot happier.

Sagittarius = 7 of Cups; 4 of Pentacles

Be careful of a “snake in the grass”. This is a month for you to be cautious with someone who is hiding something from you. Hold onto your money as well. You work too hard for someone to take advantage of you. Beware!

Capricorn = 6 of Wands Reversed; 5 of Cups Reversed

It is not time to celebrate yet as you are only half way there. Don’t let your emotions keep you down from getting what you really want & deserve. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help!

Aquarius = 6 of Cups Reversed; Hanged Man Reversed

This is a very spiritual month for you. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of dreams, messages, etc or hear from old friends & family. Anyone who has lost an animal, I feel will be getting messages from them as well.

Pisces = 9 of Cups; High Priestess Reversed

This is just the beginning of a great time. If you use your intuition, it will be awesome. It’s time to celebrate this new beginning.

PLEASE READ:A general forecast is no substitute for a personalized reading. For pricing, availability and/or to book a private reading with Carol please call our storefront at 504.581.1348 during regular business hours.

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