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Shaman Stones: Connecting Mars and Mother Earth

Shaman stones are known by many names including Moqui Marbles, Boji Stones, Navajo Berries, and Hopi Marbles. They range in size from the size of a pea to the size of a grapefruit. They are only found in two places, the Navajo Sandstone formation that spans Southern Utah/Northern Arizona AND Mars! The Opportunity Rover discovered the formations on Mars and scientists call them

“blueberries”. They are technically an iron oxide (Hematite) and sandstone concretion and their existence on Mars offers proof to the theory that Mars once contained an abundance of water. While scientists are unsure of exactly how they were created, a

common hypothesis is that they began forming over 190 million years ago in sands over 1000 feet below the surface of an ancient sea out West. The original composition of Shaman stones was more than likely Limonite, a hydrous ferric iron oxide that turns to gel under pressure. Heat can transform Limonite into Hematite, a stable form of iron oxide. The heat and pressure under the sea floor could have caused the Limonite to change into Hematite, hardening and forming a solid shell around a compressed core of sand. They are difficult to harvest as most lay on government owned or tribal land. Shaman stones have been used by sages and healers for centuries. They were heavily used by the Hopi tribal leaders who resided in the deserts of the Southwestern US. Each stone is believed to be associated with a particular gender and are used energetically in male/female pairs. The “male” stones generally have visible ridges or ring patterns on the outside and are sometimes flatter.. They have been used in rituals performed to invoke spiritual vision quests, contacting extra-terrestrial beings and journeying to other planets through astral travel. They are used to align the body’s energy centers balancing the masculine and feminine polarities within the self. They offer a shield of protection from negative energies and help one overcome fear of death. They do not need to be charged or cleansed as they are self cleansing.

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