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Orca Agate: Embrace Transformation & Rebirth

With eclipse season upon us, you may have noticed your own emotions and intuition are heightened (as are those of others!). Beginning with the solar eclipse on April 19th and continuing with the lunar eclipse full moon on May 5th, the energy of the season has been especially powerful for personal transformation, expansion, manifestation, and rebirth.

Orca Agate is a beautiful and gentle stone of transformation and balancing that is an excellent choice to work with at this time of year. Named for the Orca whale due to its unique dark gray and blue banding with white spots (similar to a whale’s appearance), Orca Agate is a unique mineral found only in large crystal formations in Madagascar. It is a rare mineral that was discovered within the last 15 years. While natural agate is colored red, orange and yellow by iron oxides, the blue and gray colors that we see in Orca Agate are caused by structural patterns within the stone. Due to a natural phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering, the tightly packed molecules within the stone scatter light at a higher frequency causing us to see bluish light rays. This scientific anomaly is also the reason why the sky appears blue and it gives us the ability to see rainbows!

Metaphysically, Orca Agate is associated with balancing all the chakras and embracing personal transformation. It also carries a gentle forgiveness energy that is particularly useful for helping you forgive past/unhealed versions of yourself and release any and all feelings of self-loathing. Let Orca Agate take you on a beautiful journey as you elevate to the next best version of yourself!

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