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November 2022 Sun Sign Tarot Forecast

Aries: Judgment Reversed; Page of Wands Reversed

Why are you not making major decisions at this time? If the past is keeping you from moving on, it is time to put that lesson to rest for good

Taurus: 2 of Swords; The Star

This month is all about balance. A conversation might be had that causes you a bit of an emotional upset. It’s time to see that person or situation as it truly is and not as you want it to be!

Gemini: 3 of Swords Reversed; King of Swords

It’s time to stand up for a cause. Do not let anyone get you frazzled. If you need to have “that” conversation to set them straight now is the time.

Cancer: Knight of Wands Reversed; 9 of Cups Reversed

This is the month for you to let your inner beauty shine. You have a lot of love to give. Just make sure you are giving it to the people who truly value your uniqueness!

Leo: 6 of Pentacles Reversed; 5 of Swords Reversed

Money will be unsettled this month. It’s time for you to watch your finances. If someone owes you money, don’t be afraid to have that conversation. There is no need to walk on eggshells any longer.

Virgo: King of Wands; Knight of Pentacles

Decisions abound this month regarding money and stability. Yes you can have both, just make sure to keep your focus on the end result! You got this!

Libra: Ace of Cups; 2 of Pentacles

Lots of love this month. New relationships abound! Do not procrastinate regarding anything new coming into your life this month. Take it slow if unsure. Just make sure to at least take the first step or you might lose this new beginning.

Scorpio: Ace of Swords Reversed; 3 of Wands Reversed

This is not a month to take things at face value. Dig deeper into what is actually happening before you make a decision or move. Haste makes waste this month.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune; 4 of Wands

Wow! All good things are coming your way. The wheel is finally spinning in your favor. Love relationships will manifest if single and couples will have lots to celebrate. Go out and shine, party and enjoy this awesome time.

Capricorn: 6 of Cups Reversed; 9 of Pentacles

This month is a great time to get things accomplished. Your independence might get in the way of asking for help. If you need it, don’t be afraid to ask. A lot of people are there for you.

Aquarius: 10 of Swords Reversed; Queen of Wands Reversed

It’s time for you to stop trying to revive something that was done long ago. There is too much water under the bridge to keep this afloat. Take your pride and move on!

Pisces: The Heirophant; Page of Pentacles

Don’t be pressured into making knee jerk reaction decisions. The timing of an opportunity is a “tad” off. It’s best to think this month before you act and regret your decision.

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