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June 2022 Sun Sign Tarot Forecast

Aries: 3 of Wands; 4 of Cups

It’s time for something new, especially when it comes to romantic situations. You must believe in order to receive. Open up your heart and let love in.

Taurus: King of Swords; Knight of Wands Reversed

What’s it going to be? Stay or go? Stop playing cat & mouse with a situation and decide what it is you really want.

Gemini: Tower Reversed; Magician

Now that the coast is clear, it is time for a fresh new beginning. The universe has given you a blank slate to create a new reality for yourself

Cancer: 2 of Pentacles Reversed; Lovers

What is stopping this either love or financial decision? Now is not the time to make a mountain out of a molehill. You got this

Leo: 3 of Words Reversed; 9 of Pentacles

It’s all about the money this month for you. The universe is making you look good on all counts. Just make sure you ignore the “haters”.

Virgo: Lovers; Knight of Pentacles

Your significant other might be having a financial issue this month. Make sure to encourage them as it will benefit you in the long run as well.

Libra: 2 of Wands Reversed; Chariot Reversed

Patience is a virtue this month as things are not moving fast enough or not at all for you. Take this “down” time as universes way of telling you to slow down.

Scorpio: 9 of Cups Reversed; 6 of Wands

It’s time to celebrate your hard work. Lots of recognition as well as love awaits you if you decide to open your heart.

Sagittarius: 3 of Swords Reversed; 4 of Cups Reversed

There is no need to get upset because something did not work out recently! There is a much better option and offer arriving soon! It’s worth the wait.

Capricorn: The Fool Reversed: 2 of Swords Reversed

There is opportunity waiting to be claimed by you. There is no need to be hesitant as this is a great leap of faith designed especially for you!

Aquarius: Ace of Wands; 8 of Cups

Whatever you have left behind recently will be replaced with a fiery move forward. Your loving cups are still full and will show you the right path!

Pisces: King of Pentacles; Devil Reversed

You deserve the spotlight this month when it comes to your finances. Just make sure to hold your cards close to your chest as someone might try to steal your thunder!

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