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Cleansing & Charging Your Crystals

Updated: Jan 3

Entering the enchanting realm of crystals reveals that these precious gems require maintenance, which involves both cleansing and charging. Cleansing the stone involves purging negative, stagnant, or unnecessary energies within the crystal, allowing it to vibrate at a higher frequency for optimal use by the crystal user. To better understand, consider it akin to taking a break in nature or a vacation when feeling stressed—crystals, too, need such care to reset their energies and function at their highest potential to assist both the user and the surrounding environment. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals and I find that there’s always going to be one way that feels more natural and effective depending on the person. Cleansing Methods

Full Moon- This is infamously known as a popular way to care for the crystals. The full moon is known for its use to release and let go of things that don’t serve our highest good. By using the intention of the full moon this way, we release any of that negative energy from the crystals to allow positive energies to come in. You can leave the crystals outside for a few hours or all night, but if you don’t have that option fret not! Crystals placed on a window sill facing the moon can still benefit from this method of cleansing.

Smoke- Cleansing with smoke is a symbolic method involving specific herbs, incense, or resins, each bringing different energies. Common choices include sage for clearing, palo santo for cleansing and positivity, cedar for peace, sweetgrass for purification, and juniper for protection. Frankincense and myrrh resins can be burned over charcoal and can purify and ground the energies of the stone. Any incense can be used to cleanse crystals, just be sure to buy very good quality incense because all incense is not made the same! Keep in mind that the practice of “Smudging” is reserved for closed cultural traditions and should be treated with respect. To use smoke to cleanse your stones, light the preferred method of smoke in a fireproof dish or fire safe environment and pass the stone through the smoke until the energy feels lifted from the stone.

Water and Salt- While effective, this method should be approached with caution, as not all stones react well to water and salt. Stones with a hardness of 7 or greater on the Mohs scale will be safe using these methods. Using water to cleanse stones is effectively washing away the unwanted energies of the crystals. You can use water from the tap, but it's best to use purified water or even better a natural running water source such as a river or a beach. Hold your stones in your hand or in a sheer bag in the water for only a few moments and the crystals’ energies will be as fresh as ever! To use salt, place the stones on top of the salt and the salt will absorb and purify the energies from the crystals.

Other Crystals- Using other stones to cleanse your stones is both easy and effective. If you have a piece of selenite or a quartz cluster or geode then you can simply place your crystals on that stone and let the cleansing stone clear out the energies of that crystal! Here at Earth Odyssey we have a variety of selenite cleansing bowls just for this use. Many customers say they like to place the jewelry they wore that day in the bowl to cleanse overnight.

Sound- Using the sound vibrations of a sound bowl, tuning fork, a ringing bell, or even a gong can penetrate the crystals energies and reset the energy of the stones. If your singing bowl is big enough you can place the stone inside and let it get a nice 360 resonance of sound vibration. You can even bring crystals to concerts so your crystals can bathe in the music while you do as well.

Visualization and Intention- While doing all the cleansing methods you should have the intention of cleansing the energies to invite new positive and useful energies to the forefront. The act of visualizing the cleansing of a crystal should be done so with more focus and connection to the stone itself. While in a quiet space, clear your mind holding the crystals in your hands and visualize the negative energies being drained from the crystals and replace that space with positivity. Visualize a clear white light emanating from you into the stone so it can vibrate to its intensity. Now the crystal is ready to assist you in your highest good.

Charging Methods Charging crystals is important to the stone as well because the stones can start to be drained of its energy while being used- like a battery. To have your crystals give you the maximum power, it’s best to charge it every so often along with cleansing. Good news is that some cleansing methods are also charging methods!

Moonlight and Sunlight- While the moon is extremely good at releasing energy, it’s also a subtle vibrancy that can charge stones along with cleansing them. The sunlight is also a very wonderful way to charge stones and add some positive solar energy into the stones. Just be cautious of which stones can fade in sunlight such as Amethyst, Kunzite, Celestite, Fluorite and some others..

Selenite- Such as with cleansing, selenite can be used to charge stones and add in great purified and positive energy into other crystals. Placing crystals on a plate for a short while will do the trick!

Visualizing- One of my favorite ways is to visualize while holding a crystal is to imagine a great white light flowing through you to your hands, into the crystal and the crystal being surrounded with an aura of white light.

Sound- Sound is also both cleansing and charging as well. The stones soak up that attuned frequency and resonate with the energy it’s surrounded with.

Elements- Using fire, earth, air, and water adds natural energy to the charged stone. Passing a crystal through a flame, burying it in soil, using breath, or exposing it to running water are elemental methods.

With a multitude of methods available, the choice depends on personal preferences. At Earth Odyssey, we offer a variety of items to enhance your cleansing and charging rituals. We're here to guide you on what to use and how to use it. Happy cleansing!

Quartz Cluster

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