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August 2022 Sun Sign Tarot Forecast

Aries: Ten of Cups; Two of Pentacles

This is a month where you should have made a decision. No more procrastinating. It’s time to make that move forward

Taurus: King of Wands Reversed; The Tower

Look before you speak or you might get caught with egg on your face. Now is not the time to overreact.

Gemini: Three of Swords Reversed; Knight of Cups

Why are you turning your back on someone or something that has potential? Because you might have made a mountain out of a molehill.

Cancer: Six of Pentacles Reversed; The Lovers

If a situation does not feel equal, it is up to you to be open enough to discuss the options or compromise.

Leo: Four of Swords Reversed; Nine of Cups Reversed

Someone close to you does not want to hear what you have to say. Don’t shut them out because you have a different opinion.

Virgo: Ten of Pentacles; Knight of Swords

Keep your cards close to your chest as something or someone might position you to make a knee jerk reaction that wouldn’t be beneficial to you.

Libra: The Sun; Two of Cups

It’s an awesome relationship month to go out and celebrate love of all kinds. Singles may find new love.

Scorpio: The Hermit; Nine of Swords

This is a month where you are in your feelings. Do not overthink this issue or situation as the path will be clear soon.

Sagittarius: Five of Swords Reversed; Queen of Pentacles Reversed

This is not a good month to bite your nose to spite your face regarding financial issues.

Capricorn: The Sun; Five of Wands

With all these changes, make sure to be true to yourself. Let the others work it out on their own.

Aquarius: The High Priestess; Ace of Swords

Use your intuition regarding any documentation or written communication as things will be in your favor but do not settle.

Pisces: Four of Pentacles Reversed; Justice Reversed

Stop holding onto something that no longer serves you or your growth. It’s time for you to get balance with yourself.

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