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April 2022 Tarotscopes

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Aries: Page of Swords; 3 of Wands Reversed

It's time to face the facts of a situation. If you need to walk away from a situation, now would be the time so you can move forward without hesitation. Taurus: Hanged Man; Ace of Swords Reversed

Now is the time for you to take action on something you have been postponing. Don’t worry about what people are saying. You’ll be glad you decided to go for it.

Gemini: Page of Pentacles Reversed; 10 of Swords Reversed

Read between the lines regarding a money proposal. It’s not as good as it sounds. Beware!

Cancer: King of Swords; King of Wands

It’s a great month to take action. All signs are “Go”! Play by the book and you will be rewarded.

Leo: 2 of Wands Reversed; Queen of Wands Reversed

Stop being so stubborn. There are opportunities available if you would just keep an open mind as well as your eyes and ears open.

Virgo: Lovers Reversed; 6 of Pentacles

Make sure to get what you deserve in both matters of the heart as well as finances

Libra: 9 of Cups Reversed; Sun Reversed

It’s time to open up your heart as love is all around you. No time to think about past hurts or disappointments

Scorpio: Hermit Reversed; Tower Reversed

Now that all is clear don’t overthink the situation. Now is the time to take action!!

Sagittarius: Ace of Pentacles Reversed; 10 of Wands Reversed

The opportunity is looking right at you. Its time to stop making up excuses and go for it…in both love and career.

Capricorn: Emperor Reversed; 2 of Cups

Look at both the pros and cons of a situation before making a final decision. I believe that the final analysis will come out in your favor.

Aquarius: Emperor Reversed; 9 of Swords Reversed

There is no need to let someone or something cause you this much anxiety. Let them know how you feel and you will feel much better. Plus the air will finally be cleared!

Pisces: Ace of Wands; Chariot

ALL systems “Go”! With all this excitement and opportunities there is no way you can lose. Congratulations!

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