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Tarot, Past Life & Medium Readings

Image by Haley Owens
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Divine was born into a family of divinators & root workers and is now sharing her gifts to a larger community to bring awareness to knowledge of self, connection to our ancestors & spiritual  awareness to the community.


Tarot readings use a combination of Tarot & dice to shed light on what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present and what is to come.  Sound healing will be performed to clear & align energy.

Past Life readings reveal lessons & karmic cycles that may still be present including when and how you lived while also connecting it to your ancestors.  Sound healing will be performed in the beginning to clear & align energy.

Medium readings allow us to connect with your loved ones who have transitioned and see what messages they have to offer while also healing any wounds or grief that needs to be released. Sound healing will be performed in the beginning to clear & align energy.



PLEASE READ: When booking appointments for groups of three (3) or more, you MUST CALL THE STORE FRONT 504-581-1348 to book in order to reserve accurate appointment times for your group. For appointments for 1-2 people you may book online or call to book if you prefer.

Please review our "Terms of Service" here before booking your appointment.  By booking and/or receiving services at Earth Odyssey you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

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