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Tarot, Angel & Ancestral Readings + Energy Healing

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Dina Tarot Readings


Dina uses channeling, Angels and higher vibrational sources to deliver message to her clients. For over 20 years she has blended healing, intuitive guidance and spiritual knowledge into all of her work.


Tarot readings shed light on what is happening in your life at present and what is coming up for you in the near future.

readings connect you with spirit guides and guardian angels delivering information that is for your highest good.


Ancestral readings explore the different lineage's that we carry with us and connect you with ethereal beings.  Learn who your guides are, what your true spirit is and how to heal any karma that you are carrying with you.

Energy Healing uses divination cards and other modalities to enter into your energy field and clear out blockages, strengthening, activating and aligning your body and life in a holistic way.


Hear what our clients have to say about Dina:

5 Star Google Review by Addie (May 2024)

"I had an incredible reading with Dina. She is such a kind, loving soul. The reading was eerily spot on. She gave me many actionable steps and words of encouragement to continue growing on my spiritual path. I would absolutely recommend her for a reading!"

5 Star Google Review by Coleen (February 2024)

"Dina is amazing her vibe set me at ease from the start as she read my cards I saw my whole life unfolding, as she read where I'm at now I felt some anxiety because it was exactly what I was feeling, as she continued to read going forward she was spot on so very helpful and inspiring"

5 Star Google Review by Roxanne (January 2024)

"Dina was amazing she was very accurate and inviting to the process. I trusted her with my thoughts and she was able to read my energy and things I wouldn't share with people I didn't know."

5 Star Google Review by Maddy (December 2023)

"Dina did my tarot reading and it was genuinely life changing. I’ve never felt more connected with someone so quickly. Two days later I am still processing how amazing that experience was. Everyone has to see her! I always have a fantastic experience!

5 Star Google Review by Jennifer (September 2023)
"I saw Dina for a Tarot and Ancestral reading. She is such a generous loving spirit. My reading was perfect, hopeful and fun. I highly recommend seeing her!"

5 Star Google Review by Amanda (
September 2023)

"I had a reading from Dina and she was spot on. Overall a great experience. I would highly recommend."

5 Star Google Review by Angela (September 2023)

"She’s very intuitive & very in touch. She has a beautiful energy. I did a tarot & angel reading with her. I felt her guidance & facilitation were clear, concise & perfect for me on my journey."



PLEASE READ: When booking appointments for groups of three (3) or more, you MUST CALL THE STORE FRONT 504-581-1348 to book in order to reserve accurate appointment times for your group.
For appointments for 1-2 people you may book online or call to book if you prefer.


Please review our "Terms of Service" here before booking your appointment.  By booking and/or receiving services at Earth Odyssey you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.

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