"Tarotscopes" Forecast [July 2021}
By: Carol

Gain valuable insight from Carol, our staff psychic, who incorporates both Tarot & Astrology in her predictions to empower you! See what to expect this July 2021. For an in depth individual reading, please call 504.581.1348 to book an appointment with Miss Carol today. 

Aries: 6 of Swords; The Lovers
 Now that you have had the clarity and a clear path ahead it’s time for you to move forward in a relationship with either a partner or by yourself

Taurus: 5 of Cups Reversed; Wheel of Fortune
The wheel is spinning in your favor.  It’s time to close a chapter in your life once and for all. If you continue with that chapter it will cause you additional stress.  You got this!

Gemini: Ace of Swords; 5 of Wands
Speak your truth!  Clear the air!  People that mind don’t matter and people that matter don’t mind.  This time you will see those who are true and faithful to you.

Cancer: King of Wands; Queen of Pentacles
It’s a great relationship/ romantic month.  Your partner is looking out for your best interest so you can move forward with security & stability...and love!

Leo: Strength Reversed; Page of Cups Reversed
Think before you speak this month or you're going to end up with your foot in your mouth and egg on your face.  Around the 8th of the month is your most stressful time.  After that things ease up a bit.

Virgo: Page of Cups; Justice
Take this opportunity as it will lead to recognition, stability and long term commitment.  Whether at work or in a relationship you will have lots of emotional fulfillment this month.  Congrats!

Libra: 7 of Pentacles Reversed; 6 of Wands Reversed

Why are you procrastinating when you are so close to the finish line? You got this! Is it because you have too many options or are you just not sure? Make a decision and stick with it.  You will be surprised at your strength.

Scorpio: Knight of Pentacles; 2 of Swords
Take your blindfolds off and see something as it is, not how you want it to be.  Is this really what you want?  This opportunity might not be as good as it seems.  Think twice before accepting.

Sagittarius: 4 of Wands Reversed; 10 of Cups Reversed
Why are you afraid to take a leap of faith into this new relationship?  It’s time to heal from past disappointments and open your heart to this new possibility.  Take it slow and on your terms and watch it grow!

Capricorn: 6 of Swords Reversed; Fool Reversed
Stop putting those negative thoughts in your head.  You got this!  Time to look to your heart for the answers as a new beginning is right around the corner.  However, because of your mindset you can’t see that right now.  Again...you got this!

Aquarius: Strength; 4 of Wands
You have all you need to move ahead with a relationship or project.  This new event will be built on solid ground with a lot of room for growth.  Celebrations abound for you as well.  Have fun & enjoy!

Pisces: 5 of Cups Reversed; The Star
Now that you have released some emotional energy it is time for you to get up and fill your cups for self nourishment.  Be the beautiful star that you are and SHINE!

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