"Tarotscopes" Forecast [January 2021}
By: Carol

Gain valuable insight from Carol, our staff psychic, who incorporates both Tarot & Astrology in her predictions to empower you! See what to expect this January 2021. For an in depth individual reading, please call 504.581.1348 to book an appointment with Miss Carol today. 

Affirmation of the month: Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create that fact

Aries: 4 of Wands; 10 of Pentacles - A great way to start off the new year.  This month you will begin your life on a more stable foundation with many financial rewards headed your way...and reasons to celebrate.

Taurus: Queen of Swords; 6 of Pentacles Reversed - It’s time to speak your truth and cut your losses.  I’m proud to have learned your lesson.  Time to start a new year thinking about you putting yourself first for a change.

Gemini: 4 of Pentacles Reversed; 6 of Cups Reversed - Stop holding onto false hopes and wishes. It’s time to open up your heart chakra and love yourself.  Let the past go once & for all.  Something better is just around the corner.

Cancer: High Priestess; Temperance - It’s a very spiritual month for you. Your intuition is extremely high. Learn to trust it.  If you are an the fence regarding an issue in your life, look within...as you do have the answers.

Leo: 4 of Swords; 5 of Cups Reversed - It’s a very emotional month as I see things that must come to an end finally do.  Take time to heal as you will come out again shortly roaring like your lioness self.

Virgo: 8 of Cups Reversed; Knight of Cups Reversed - All is not lost. Give this situation time, whether it is time to heal, grow and space.  Give yourself some space to figure out exactly what you want.  It is your life after all.

Libra: 7 of Cups; 8 of Swords - With all theses options, don’t over think it or let your past lessons or naysayers let you get in the way of some real progress.  Go for it!

Scorpio: The Hermit Reversed; 6 of Pentacles Reversed - Why are you turning your back on something that could potentially be beneficial for you?  If this is regarding career, don’t take very long to make a decision.  In love, you might want to give this a chance & see what happens.  Take it slow.

Sagittarius: Queen of Swords Reversed; 10 of Cups - It’s time to put your sword down if you want some emotional fulfillment.  Choose your words wisely in all relationships this month.  You are totally worthy of all the love that the universe wants you to have.  Take it with gratitude.

Capricorn: 8 of Pentacles; 4 of Swords Reversed - It might be a good month to help someone out who needs your knowledge, skills & love.  I feel someone around you might be keeping silent regarding a hardship they are going through & doesn’t want anyone to know.  Read between the lines with all communication.

Aquarius: The Lover; Knight of Swords - If single, someone is about to come in and sweep you off your feet.  If attached, look for a lot of deep conversations about future plans.  Lots of love this month! Also, a lot of swift communication is coming from a distance & possible travel plans as well

Pisces: Page of Pentacles Reversed; Judgement Reversed - Stop being so hard on yourself.  You got this.  You will rise above this emotional issue once you realize just how beautiful a person/soul you truly are.  Let no one tell you otherwise.

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