"Tarotscopes" Forecast [April 2020}
By: Carol

Gain valuable insight from Carol, our staff psychic, who incorporates both Tarot & Astrology in her predictions to empower you! See what to expect this April 2020...

Aries: Knight of Cups; Wheel of Fortune ~ It's all about the love this month. Romance and love offers will be plentiful. Existing relationships will be turning it up a notch! Wow!


Taurus: Queen of Cups; 5 of Wands ~ If at odds with a female, show respect. You might not agree with them but just give them some space and time.


Gemini: The Chariot; 8 of Wands Reversed ~ Do not be so eager to move forward without looking over ALL the pros & cons. Slow and steady will win this race.


Cancer: 4 of Cups Reversed; The Magician ~ Please give this new romance or opportunity a chance. It will be worth it. Expect new beginnings this time without obstacles. Only you can block this.


Leo: Empress Reversed; The World ~ Time to step out of your comfort zone but this time be true to yourself. This time you will be more balanced as you have learned some hard lessons that will help you this time around.


Virgo: 4 of Wands; 3 of Wands Reversed ~ Is this what you really want? Maybe you’re holding onto something that has little or no potential. Give it some time, but not forever.


Libra: Page of Cups Reversed; 7 of Swords Reversed ~ Read between the lines. Someone is offering you an illusion. Think with your head NOT your heart.


Scorpio: Ten of Pentacles Reversed; Tower Reversed ~ Something will come to an end which will either be built on more solid ground or seize to exist.


Sagittarius: Queen of Swords; 6 of Cups ~ It’s time to protect yourself and your heart. Is a reconciliation really in your best interest? This situation/person has not changed. Also time to make amends with a female family member.


Capricorn: The Chariot; 7 of Swords Reversed ~ If health matters are of concern, please see appropriate medical doctor. Do not delay health issues. If traveling, please take extra time and precautions.


Aquarius: 5 of Pentacles; 4 of pentacles Reversed ~ It’s a tough money month for you. Try to cut down on expenses if necessary. There are unexpected family financial medical bills as well.


Pisces: 9 of Wands; Ace of Wands ~ Finally there is movement forward. Clear sailing ahead as it has been long overdue. You are a true warrior. No need to fear any longer


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