Sun Sign Monthly Tarot Forecast {November 2019}
By: Carol

Welcome to Carol's new monthly forecast that brings the best of Tarot & Astrology to give you a heads up for the month!


Aries: Emperor Reversed; Be careful of men in power as they will not be interested in
your views

Taurus: Ace of Cups Reversed; Make sure your love is being reciprocated. If not, you
might want to take forward steps to something/someone else better

Gemini: Hierophant Reversed; Look at both sides before making a major final decision

Cancer: 7 of cups; A surprise in love awaits. Be open to this new journey or chapter

Leo: The Fool; A brand new beginning. Time to take a leap of fate – but before you do
that make sure you leave the past in the past completely

Virgo: Queen of Pentacles Reversed; Money is a BIG concern this month as unforeseen
expenses may arise

Libra: 8 of Wands; News you have been waiting for may arrive when you least expect it;
Happy news & communication

Scorpio: 2 of Cups Reversed; A relationship that is not 50/50 needs to be addressed so it
can get back on solid footing

Sagittarius: Lovers Reversed; Someone is keeping their distance and not being
forthcoming with their intentions

Capricorn: 6 of Pentacles Reversed; In your work situation you may feel unappreciated.
It’s time to speak up.

Aquarius: 8 of Swords Reversed; Time to get those negative thoughts out of your head.
Things will look better once you do.

Pisces: Blank Card; Don’t let the future be the same as your past & don’t let the past be
the same as your future.

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