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February 2022 Tarotscopes

Aries: Knight of Cups; Queen of Swords Reversed

Why are you not taking this help or love? Someone is trying to show you their intentions. It’s time to let them know what your intentions are.

Taurus: 10 of Swords; Chariot Reversed

It’s time for you to rise from the ashes and get on the horse and ride again. Do not be fearful. Don’t look back. Focus on moving forward

Gemini: Temperance Reversed; 7 of Pentacles

Too many options might confuse you this month. Narrow down your options, choose one and put all your energy into it and go for it!

Cancer: Strength Reversed; 10 of Cups Reversed

This month for you is all about yourself. Don’t feel guilty about having alone time to nurture your feelings and yourself

Leo: Blank Card; Ace of Cups Reversed

It’s time for a new beginning in matters of the heart whether this refers to a romantic relationship, career or self time to visualize and manifest.

Virgo: Page of Pentacles Reversed; 5 of Pentacles

Watch your finances this month as unexpected expenses can occur. As well as someone who might require a loan. The choice is up to you whether to oblige. Just don’t expect it back.

Libra: 10 of Pentacles Reversed; Queen of Cups

If you feel someone is taking advantage of you, you might want to put an end to it. I know your head might be telling you otherwise. Protect yourself!

Scorpio: Ace of Pentacles; Page of Cups Reversed

Don’t bite your nose to spite your face. This is a great offer being presented that you might want to take a look at. Whether in love or business, give it a chance.

Sagittarius: Hanged Man Reversed; The Sun

Two Major Arcanas! Wow! It’s a great month for you to “shine”! Just don’t rush the process. Put one foot in front of the other. Manifest those brilliant ideas and watch them grow!

Capricorn: 9 of Pentacles; 4 of Swords Reversed

Do not listen to other people this month. You’re best doing things the way you see is going to be best for you. Then you will see the results you visualize quickly. Aquarius: 6 of Cups; The Fool

Don’t look the other way regarding someone who might want to make amends or apologize for any past mistakes. The are sincere. It just took them a while to realize it. Pisces: 8 of Wands; Ace of Wands

It’s an action packed month! Things are going to happen quickly so get ready for news and opportunities that you might have been waiting for to materialize. Happy times ahead!!

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