Visions from the Tarot {February 2019}
By: Michelle

  • Welcome to February 2019!
    The message this month is quite short and simple to break down and communicate. So why did it take me 3 days to clearly communicate it? Because in life, that is how spirit works. I will explain later but first, let me get this out.
    The message this month is this....
    If there is anything (a job, a project, relationship, or a habit) or anyone (an employer, a partner, a friend, or family member) on your current daily path that you KNOW you no longer CAN or WANT to participate with...then speak now and get it off your path by declaring they are no longer for your highest good and hand it off. It is that simple. 
    Read all that again until you hear it.
    Sound cold? Irresponsible? Scary? Not normal? Well welcome to Integrity, my friends. February.
    We have all been going through "tests" the past month. Seriously Michelle...TESTS?! Yes...those "challenges, illnesses, obstacles, delays, accidents, dramas" were tests. To see if you actually have learned anything over the past 5 years of your life. So have you? 
    If you have learned, then February will feel like a checklist where you simply declare an "In or Out", "Yes or No" type of reply in each moment. Spirit will continue to record the vibration of your responses to your checklist items and they will deliver you new options based off those vibrations. If you have invoked your value and integrity for yourSELF, then this checklist will be an easy peasy order. You will feel in a flow with your purpose and your higher self, and this month will feel quite exciting. 
    If you haven't learned anything yet, then February will be more of those "tests". It is that simple.
    This doesn't happen for punishment or happens because that is earth school. You don't graduate until you have passed your exams. And spirit is patient! They will give you as long as you need to decide to level up. Just don't freak out when others decide to move on this month, seemingly without you. We are all being called to leave it on the table out of integrity for self. And I respect that.
    That is all. Short and to the point...just like February is going to be. Good luck!
    The Witches Tarot deck:
    Ace of Swords - communicating, clarity, honesty, value.
    2 of Wands - soul path, career, relationship.
    7 of Swords - flip/flip, unreliable, on/off, in or out.
    #21 The World - end of major cycle, closure of past, entering new.
    #2 The High Priestess - knowing with certainty, deep feeling, faith in self and spirit.
    Crystal for February
    Lapis Lazuli
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