Visions from the Tarot {December 2018}
By: Michelle

  • Welcome to December!

    Wait...What?! It's December already?! Yes my friends, it is. We are in the final month of the kaleidoscopic year that is 2018. It has been a year of physical and mental exhaustion, a test of every commitment, relationship and obligation, an opportunity (forced or volunteered) for emotional healing, a re-awakening or re-assessment of spiritual faith and beliefs, a lesson in self-care and self-awareness, a year of addressing and re-establishing our core values, and now here we are at the end, which really means the beginning, of a new story, of US.

    You and I have done this end of year/start of new year thing many many times together. So how about this time we cycle through, let's give ourSELVES thanks for the job well done, let's give ourSELVES respect for the diligence, hard work and belief that was needed just to make it this far, still intact! I mean...I'm not trying to be dramatic but it wasn't the easiest year to date. Despite that, admit it...YOU actually learned something this year, YOU actually got through something you thought would destroy you, YOU did follow your hearts message and allowed the universe to shed the layers you no longer needed. Allow me to give you praise when I state...☆WELL DONE HUMAN!☆ Whatever the "A-HA!" moment or lesson, we have all started feeling a fire in a place inside us, that we haven't allowed ourSELVES to feel since we were children.

    So now that we made it through this much schooling...
    Let's have some real fun!

    December will be a month of judgement calls, decisions, like a final exam with multiple choices. Believe me...I have never enjoyed taking tests but I guarantee these will probably be the coolest set of final exams you have ever taken! You will be asked to assert and put into works, the "YOU" you have been rebirthing...not only this year of 2018, but the past 12 years back to 2006. That seems like a ton of material to get called out on, but take a breath and relax! I can feel my inner Yoda coming out to tell you, "Remember your training". Trust me, you GOT this! All the universe is asking from each of us this month, while taking these exams, is to detach from our tendency to emotionally react. Stick to RESPONDING for the highest good. Be a fair and balanced judge, treat yourSELF with love and respect, take time to play, take time to rest, and always remember that you are loved, you are protected, and you are safe.

    I'm closing my forecast for December by giving you a daily assignment. Take 10-20 minutes each and every day for YOU. I don't care what activity you do in those 10-20 minutes...meditate, read a book, chat with spirit, take a nap, create, exercise, do your hair...whatever! The deal is you must choose an activity that fuels your soul and makes you feel FULL. During the assignment you are to treat yourSELF the way you desire to be LOVED, as if you were the only human on the planet. If negative thoughts impose on YOUR time, stop and get in front of a mirror and stare back into your own eyes. Tell yourSELF you love YOU, until those negatives get bored and leave! Be open to receive in your heart just about anything spirit sends in to inspire and guide you. You may get a picture in your minds eye, you may feel a warming in your body, the chillbumps might happen, or you might even HEAR something like a voice inside you...Go with it...Let it happen!

    That's it!
    Thank you all for your support and love this entire year!
    Rider Waite Tarot 
    4 of Swords
    Queen of Wands
    #20 Judgement
    #6 The Lovers
    Ace of Cups

    Crystal for December:

    Carnelian - This crystal brings about calmness during chaos, inspires creativity and ideas, inspires fearlessness and brings courage. Great for those humans that are trailblazing roads of spiritual ascension. Hold a stone in your hand during meditation to encourage the grounding of your energy or wear a stone in jewelry to promote the flow of kundalini energy. Releases trapped energy from the root chakra (base of the spine) and sacral chakra (sexual organs).

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