Visions from the Tarot {October 2018}
By: Michelle

Welcome to October!
     The beckoning of Fall can be heard all over! We are coming into a wonderful month full of harvest! A time of cooking and eating foods that celebrates our homes. Taking comfort under the blankets with our beloveds and watching the summer scenery transform into a mosaic of foliage of various shapes and amazing colors. Time to bring out the long sleeves and halloween decorations! My absolute favorite time of the year! Here comes October.

     Let's begin this month by taking a moment to perform a "Season Review". A time to reflect on all that has transformed and all that has been released from your tree of life (or crop). Let's take the period of time from this past June to today, as the season we are reviewing. Gather together and hold in your heart, the people, the situations, the beginnings, the endings, and all the incredible ups and downs of this season in your life. Don't judge it, don't correct any of it, don't get all defensive about any of it either. Let the experiences just BE, without you clinging to a label or a feeling that is not right here right now. There is nothing the past can do for you so just leave it where it is...we are just looking to it for review, not recording. Now take a deep breath in, close your eyes and imagine filling your heart with the color gold. Let this color swim all around you and this "Season Review". Now...exhale it all. Push all the air out of your lungs until you've hit the bottom of your breath and push out that guck in your lungs while you're there. Get that guck out by hacking it, or coughing, or crying...just pick one, they all work. That will get your field cleared and ready for the new growing season.

     The Queen of Cups mixed with the 2 of Pentacles reminds us to keep the flow of unconditional love going round in a balanced cycle through your body. That flow looks like the infinity symbol ♾. Through every up and down you experience now, remember, we just released last seasons guck and we are now growing a whole new crop so, let unconditional love be the water, sun, soil and nutrients that pulse through and give life to, your new crop. Honor this new crop (YOU) by maintaining Balance in your life. Eat balanced, think balanced, live balanced and emit that same balanced unconditional love to the people and situations around you (they have a new crop growing now, just like you...honor their crop as you honor your own). If we all live our authentic hearts, we will bring on earth as it is in heaven.

     The 5 of Pentacles combining with the #8 Strength card gives us all heads up for when those old ( we're talking really, really old) childhood fears, societal fears, fears of abandonment/isolation/lonliness, those anxieties (that STILL have not proved themselves to be true), straight up human paranoia...THAT stuff, when any of that comes up, invoke the following mantras. Say them out loud or in your heart, and repeat them as often as needed:

•Afraid of WHO?•
•Afraid of WHAT?•
•I am safe, I am loved, I am fearless•

     Maintain a vibration of fearlessness as you start your day, as you enter that room, as you begin that task, finish that job, or end that relationship. What you use to think was your greatest weakness, has now shown itself to be your greatest strength. So, afraid of what? Afraid of who?

     So get Falling! Grab your favorite sweaters, blankets, recipes, foods, drinks, home decorations, and books out. Take those long scenic road trips that celebrate just how lucky we all are to even be alive here on this planet right now. We have all made it this far, through many crops, seasons, and harvests...and you are still here. Savor every moment October brings you, like you'll never get to savor that moment again. Apply this action to every moment, IN the moment, and the universe will grab its camera to snap a picture of all you BOOM in a snapshot. Then, the universe will immediately get to work on bringing you more opportunities (in ways and with timing according to it) to feel that BOOM! By the way, this snapshot works boths ways, positively and get to choose that one, so choose the path that leads to a balanced, unconditionally loved crop.
Remember, we all affect each others crops, so behave like it!
Pagan Tarot cards:
8 of swords
Initiate of chalices
2 of pentacles
5 of pentacles
Strength #8
3 of wands (bottom of the deck)
Enchanted Map oracle cards:
27 Home
46 Coming Apart
Rainbow Fluorite

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