Visions from the Tarot {August 2018}
By: Michelle

Welcome to August!

This month's forecast is coming with a fun, interactive and entertaining introduction. A forecast in a forecast...the following monologue is intending to support us all spiritually, and to nudge us to utilize the many tools, already in our possession, that we will need to get through this month. So come on my beloved humans! Let's get into our best Tina Turner reality and roll into August with the following snip from the classic, Proud Mary:

"You know, every now and then
I think you might like to hear something from us
Nice and easy but there's just one thing
You see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy
We always do it nice and rough
So we're going to take the beginning of this song
And do it easy
Then we're going to do the finish rough
This is the way we do 'Proud Mary'
And we're rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
Listen to the story..."
I know that we were all hoping that August would be just as fancy free as July was, but yea...there's just that one thing...we never ever do nothing nice and easy. And just like Tina forecasts...the month of August WILL begin in the realm of "easy". The first 2 days to be exact! We will all be skipping around on easy peasy time...but then around the 3rd day, August will take its turn into the direction of "rough". This is a cosmic turn that every being on the planet is going to feel in some karmic form. all know I am not the negative vibration, nor am I the positive. I am simply relaying the message. This is nothing to be scared of or intimidated by. As a matter of fact, your egoic mind is hoping this introduction DOES scare you so you'll stop being so interdependent and heart centered. But THIS is PROUD Mary, my friends...not shy mary, scared mary, doubtful mary or even crazy mary. This is the time to stand and affirm who you are and what you believe in. 
Moving in to the rough turn, spirit is reminding us to keep our minds free of emotional attachments that are still jumping in our way when it comes to trusting our own internal guidance systems. Stop thinking so much and just DO! We are either allowing a surrendered flow to happen in this new earth, or we are still trying to control and filter every moment because we don't trust our own power. Nourish your mind with a continual flow of clarity, allow temporary emotions to move through the mind without stopping to be modeled or judged, simply be aware of the frequency changes and hidden messages in the moment.
Our hearts are to remain steadfast and courageous, always. Not just this month, or this week or even for a special day. Always. We as a collective asked the universe 12 years ago to be shifted to a new reality, and now that the shift has happened, there are no breaks or lapses in effort to fully live in that new reality. A training period has transitioned into a real job, and that new job requires constant faith and persistence when it comes to living life fully in love. If you are feeling exhausted in any aspect of your life, you are choosing fear. If you are feeling like a teenager in love again, you are choosing faith. It is that simple.
All in all, you can expect August to be an exciting ride that is checking to see if you are willing to stay at peace in the face of something that could be challenging and chaotic. Have you truly surrendered the illusioned "control" you thought you had? Do you have a real grasp on the "law of attraction"? Have you practiced self-care and are you willing to honor yourself enough to maintain that practice? Have you connected to your higher power/self/divine? Are you remaining open to receive all emotional, spiritual, and material gifts the universe has been blessing you with? Have you said "Thank You"? 
I never did like the concept of a "test"...whether in school or otherwise, I didn't enjoy the studying, preparing, quizzing, or memorizing. Even the implied pressure of taking a test makes me squirrely...but this one I am ready for...and so are you. Remember your fearlessness, maintain your peace, and do your best to enjoy this human experience. We came here to learn, expand, love and finally, to return to oneness. It is a truly miraculous time to be here on Earth with each choose to be here now to help the collective evolve to the next adventure. Yes it's work, yes it's exhausting, yes it feels heavy sometimes, but all true effort has its payoff. You are already reaping a good amount of bounty based on the effort you have already put into your own journey. Be your best self in every moment, know that you are safe and loved, and give as much love to everything and everyone outside yourself that you can.
Be well my friends!
Crystal for August

Labradorite - a beautiful crystal with shades of blue, this crystal will give the wearer a stronger faith in themselves, a deeper connection to the collective consciousness, and will open up psychic intuitiveness.
Cards for August (from the Witches Tarot)

Ace of coin
2 of swords
9 of wands
The Emperor (4)
Judgement (20)
4 of coin

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