Visions from the Tarot {June 2018}
By: Michelle

Welcome to June!

     We are at the halfway mark of the year 2018! Can you even believe it? This year is all about the Magician's "WHOOSH", right?! Because that seems to be happening to linear time and the changes that our physical world is currently going through. Before the Magician reveals their trick, they pass their powerful wands over space and time and say the magic words "Abracadabra"...then in a graceful "WHOOSH", they reveal the result of: countless hours of practice, faithful dedication to their craft, and unshakable belief in themselves and the force around them. THAT my friends, is where we are as a collective...halfway through a year of the "WHOOSH".

     The month of June is the beginning stages of the Magicians reveal. This is the month you will start to physically see the manifestation of the tricks you have been wanting to show the rest of us. It should be a moment of triumph for those of you who have taken to heart, put fully into practice, and truly surrendered to the ascension of your consciousness. The reveal of all the healing you have done, is one of Divine magic. It may literally take your breath away!

     Here is the rub, my precious gems...what actually reveals itself may not LOOK like what you thought you were going to get. You may have had your human eyes believing a certain reveal would be your prize, maybe you swore that a particular person/job/situation was yours and the reveal is showing you, you were off. Maybe you are convinced the universe misheard your "Abracadabra" and now you want to throw in your magic wand. Don't do it just yet! Trust me when I say that this reveal is even better than you dreamed possible! What if you weren't even dreaming BIG enough?! Don't let ego-induced dissapointment drag you backwards on your path. Instead, say "Thank You", and then ask spirit to release you from any expectations you may be harboring in your human eyes.

     Be a champion at receiving this time! Keep your thoughts focused on your spiritual journey. Spend intentional time doing those things that keep your creativity flowing. Allow old feelings of jealousy, sour grapes, and rejection, to transform into intentions of love, harmony, and peace. If you really want to see a change in how your life flows...then you are going to have to change the way you receive. Accepting with a grateful heart invites more gifts to be grateful for.

If you are now realizing that you may be guilty of rejecting your present reveal, no worries my kind to yourself! Take a moment to review the pathway you took to dissappointment.

     If this is an old pattern you cycle through, then acknowledge it, thank it for teaching you, tell the pattern you love it, then release it to spirit. Expectation is a lesson we all must learn and transmute as a collective. It is time we allow our lives to unfold before us in a open state of reception. With our hearts ready to embrace the reveal, with our spirits grateful for the gift, and for our human bodies ready to serve. We are not the same as we have ever been before...we are moving into oneness.

Come on out Butterfly...time to explore your new garden!

Santa Muerte Tarot

9 of pentacles
5 of wands
Ace of wands
10 of cups
5 of cups
2 of wands
10 of swords
Knight of cups

Whispers of Lord Ganesha Oracle deck

#18 - Openness

Crystal for June: Rhodochrosite

Brings in self-love, opens up an inner child portal for healing, and it brings energy of playfulness, joy and celebration.

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