Visions from the Tarot {February 2018}
By: Michelle

    February has the reputation of being the month for love, and for a lot of you reading this, it WILL be the best month for love you've ever had! But for all of us as a collective consciousness, we will be experiencing more opportunities to stand up for ourselves, in our new form, and continue the momentum forward for the ascending body. Now is the time to let go of the rope and take the next steps along your current path. We're literally, "moving on up"!

     STRENGTH is unlocked from our arsenal when we project our authentic powers outward from within us. It (strength), is an exciting adventure filled with multi-leveled, but inter-connected lessons that help you remember your true vibration. Going forward in February, if you have something to say to someone or if there is a truth you have to declare right now, project your hearts desire outward with faith and love, and believe that all will be heard. Take an empowering breath, then communicate your heart's story. All is well.

     It is a time where we are to release the desire to control those around us. I didn't say "stop loving or caring", I said "desire to control". We are all here on separate pathways that lead us to the same place so, don't burden yourself with worry if someone you care about seems to be "doing it wrong". Give them unconditional love, a prayer of healing, and words of support instead. Then get back to YOUR present moment, FULLY present! Since we are all connected, this is the most efficient and peaceful route to bring about change.

     Everything in existence runs in cycles, and this month is set to show us all the new cycles we've been waiting for to start rotating in. That means some of you may feel a "loss" of something familiar and that's normal...but again, relax. Release those old patterns to the wind keeping aware and grateful that everything does transition. We are never alone and there is always a connective force that we can tap into for knowledge, guidance, and love. Free yourself from old paradigms and surrender to your STRENGTH.
We're not turning back, so enjoy the new view from up here!
February Cards

8 - Strength
Ace of Wands
4 of Pentacles
6 of Swords
13 - Death
Ace of Swords


Quantum Quattro is a high frequency crystal that energizes all chakras. It aids in the release of co-dependent energies and encourages self synergy.

Amethyst is a high frequency crystal that aids in opening the 3rd eye and crown chakras for connection to the force. It encourages the surrender that leads to inner freedom.

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