Visions from the Tarot {April 2018}
By: Michelle


Welcome to April 2018!


Happy Astrological New Year!

Last month on March 20th, we transitioned from the 12th astrological sign of Pisces to the 1st sign in the cycle, Aries. As with all cycles during the last round, you may have experienced some abrupt relationship endings, spontaneous job transitions, and real life moments of "WtF?" Just breathe! These chaotic jolts are spirits way of teaching you to release those people, those situations, and your egoic will, and to get you to surrender to (and have faith in) the flow.


So like we do for the calendar new years, let's celebrate those endings with a toast of love and well wishes! (and in some cases...good riddence!) Embrace and envision this new cycle as a clean slate, a scale set at zero, some fresh dice, or a shaken etch-o-sketch. You are now looking at a newly configured breakfast buffett that includes some items you've been wanting to try, AND some items you didn't even know were invented yet! Move along your buffett with an open heart and willingness to try new things. Remember to only take what you need, share what you have, and clean up after yourself if you make a mess...and don't forget to say, Please and Thank You!


While maneuvering through April, you may find yourself with a feeling that you are "on your own". Especially when it comes to following your choosen path and the decisions you have to make while on it. This "feeling" is actually an opportunity for you to flex your authenticity! So, allow that temporary feeling of isolation to transform into an eternal feeling of empowerment, and make your decisions accordingly, staying present in each moment. Rely on the wisdom you've gained in past cycles, but stretch yourself past illusioned limits. Hindsight may be 20/20 but why wait till later to see it?


Cycles in this earth school are interconnected and neverending, just like in every dimension. But unlike other dimensions, this earth school allows the human to have various learning experiences with unlimited possibilities. We have been blessed with multiple expressions of beauty, and we've been given a connection of pure love, with other humans. We are all so lucky to be here together right now! Open your hearts to your divine, receive love from all that surrounds you, be compassionate with yourself during earth school, and share that compassion with those that surround you. This is your new cycle!


Win or Lose...Love Abounds!


Crystal for April

LABRADORITE raises your consciousness to connect to mystical dimensions. It teaches you to have faith in your own intuition and it will protect you from people who suck your energy away.



The Akashic Tarot

6 of Keys

20 - Will, Wisdom, and Mind

The King of Force


Psychic Tarot for the Heart

21 - Embrace

8 of Swords

Ace of Cups



Over and out!

- Michelle

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