Astrology Forecast {August 2019}
By: Sarah Murray

  • This month’s  Moon phases:

    New Moon in Leo, July 31st at 9:11PM CST

    Full Moon in Aquarius, August 15th at 6:29 AM CST

    New Moon in Virgo, August 30th at 4:37 AM

    August officially has two New Moons and the one Full Moon, and although the first New Moon takes place July 31st for us here in CST, in Universal Time it happens the next day, August 1st. 


    This month the theme is Communication. Mercury, after being retrograde the past three weeks, goes direct within minutes of the first New Moon on August 1st. This is a highly unusual occurrence, which tells us to pay attention to all the planets involved. Coupled with a Gemini Ascendant for the New Moon chart, this Mercury, which goes direct in Cancer, gives us incentive to communicate our needs for emotional security and stability to significant others. Opposing Pluto, Saturn and the North Node in Capricorn, Mercury is pushing us to break through traditional and/or outmoded models of behavior that have kept us, especially women, in physical or financial bondage to others. We are being asked to change how we create emotional stability, by openly expressing our needs rather than assuming that others will "just know" what we need, which has led to much disappointment in relationships. Mercury in the 1st house wants us to express our needs clearly to ourselves, so that we can free ourselves from codependency. 


    Today's Moon/Sun couple (new moon) is in Leo alongside Venus, all in the 2nd house squaring Uranus in Taurus in the 11th house. This highlights a sudden change in how the public views the handling of finances and resources by government entities such as the Federal Reserve. We may question whether or not they have our best interests in mind. 


    Jupiter is reminding us of the importance of taking care of our physical and emotional health through aligning with our spiritual path. Mars aids with this process by helping to identify our personal values and needs, and encourages us to act upon Jupiter's prompting to better our situation, in the many forms it may take, such as physical or emotional health, finances, or the home or work environment. 


    Neptune is spearheading this search for spiritual well-being by pushing us to speak our highest truth and answer the call for spiritual alignment with our purpose, that is, what we came here to accomplish. 


    The Full Moon on the 15th also highlights communication, but this time it is about ideals and aspirations. Again, we are being encouraged to act upon the inspirations we receive from the Higher Self in order to embody our spirituality into our physical awareness. 


    We may be confronted with some serious challenges in the global financial arena in the coming months, as Pluto and Saturn reveal the dark underbelly of the actual power structure of our society's financial institutions. Positively aligned with Neptune, the changes that these challenges will prompt are necessary and vital to our well-being as humans and stewards of the Earth. With this planetary configuration, we begin to remember and connect with our ancestors in a real and tangible way. In return, they give us the support and love that we crave and have been deprived of for decades-worth of conditioned beliefs that they no longer exist or have any effect upon our lives. 


    As for the second New Moon of the month, in Virgo on August 30th, this will be a time to double down on working towards our goals, paying attention to detail and making sure that our actions are grounded and reality-based. Doing this will insure greater success than just "winging it", which we may be inclined to do with confident Jupiter in the 1st house, squaring Venus and Neptune. That being said, trusting our hunches and listening to our heart's calling will keep us on the path that best follows our soul's design. 


    Wishing you a wonderful month of August! 



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