Astrology Forecast {June 2019}
By: Sarah Murray

  • This month’s Moon phases:

    New Moon in Gemini: June 3rd at 5:02 AM, CDT

    Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 17th at 3:55 PM, CDT

    Our New Moon this month falls in the sign of Gemini. Opposite the Sun/Moon pair (remember: a new Moon is always found at the same degree as the Sun) is the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter, in his own sign of Sagittarius. Gemini and Sagittarius form the axis of Communication, with Gemini (ruled by mental Mercury) being the sign of words forming into ideas as the means to relay basic information, while Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter himself) is the sign of abstract concepts, higher learning and the proffering of wisdom and ideals. Forming a T-square (90° angles) to this opposition is Neptune in his own sign of Pisces. What does this mean?

    New Moons represent the blending of the different aspects of Self: our essence combined with our emotions and intuition. In Gemini, we find ourselves able to find mental clarity around issues that may have been obscured or eluding our conscious understanding. This is heightened by the opposition with Jupiter in his own sign, stimulating us to go beyond the usual mental comprehension of a situation and to flesh out the higher implications of this understanding (or “inner”standing, as I like to call it). And with Neptune in the mix, we are being given the opportunity to move beyond the purely mental and philosophical awareness and direct a floodlight of cosmic connection coming straight from Source and illuminating whatever still may be escaping our consciousness...if we allow it.

    If not, we stay mired in unconscious programming that pushes us to react to situations instead of creating our own realities. This new Moon is the perfect time to consciously unplug from the Matrix teachings of guilting and shaming that serve only the overlords trying to control us. This is the perfect opportunity to free ourselves from the negative mental habits that we internalized as children and that continue to plague us as adults.

    Then, on June 17th we have the Full Moon (where the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite) in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Neptune are still in the mix with their on-going square, while Neptune connects harmoniously with Saturn and South Node in Capricorn (Saturn also in his own sign) and Mercury/North Node in Cancer. This brings compassion and caring to our mental endeavors (Mercury in Cancer) while grounding them into physical reality (Saturn in Capricorn). The presence of the nodes indicates that this aspect has karmic implications, and if we act upon the energies of the moment by doing ritual or aligning our field with them in whatever way we deem appropriate, we can undo the attachments that have bound us to certain types of behavior, sometimes for centuries and across lifetimes.

    This month therefore offers us unprecedented opportunities to undo negative programming so that we can truly create from a place of free will and divine guidance. May you all be blessed during this beautiful and powerful month of June!

    In service to your highest and greatest good,


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