Astro Forecast {December 2017}
By: Nancy


     December 3's Full Moon brings us four planets in Sagittarius, including the Sun, with the Moon in Gemini. This full moon brings up themes of truth vs. falsehood, partly from people deceiving themselves and then inadvertently deceiving others; try not to see people and events as extremes of good or bad. There are multiple indicators of this in this full moon's chart. Making quick assumptions of accuracy or inaccuracy of what you hear could spark arguments. But the moon is in Gemini and Mercury is conjunct Saturn so you will be rewarded for thinking calmly before you speak. Words seem weighty so use them cautiously. Mars across from the planet Uranus is in a beneficial relationship with these two planets. You may be tempted to rush to act on information but taking your time and seeing the big picture will be rewarded. Think before you speak. Jupiter is in Scorpio for through early November 2018 bringing intense feelings to the surface, brought by truth; this includes love.

     On December 18 New Moon brings us five planets in Sagittarius, with truth coming from unexpected sources (as well as the expected ones).. Mars in close contact with Jupiter in Scorpio, adding power and intensity to every exchange. If you need to make an impassioned plea for some cause, careful you don't go overboard with it. Spending may also be extravagant, but with the Sun and New Moon near cautious Saturn, we should be able to keep from going too far. Besides people are being honest about what they want (including for Christmas), they are practical also. People are mostly with all those Sagittarius planets trine Uranus looking for the interesting, the unusual, and things from foreign places. Remind people of adventures you've had, or introduce them to new adventurous ideas.

     Christmas has four planets in Capricorn. This suggests that luxurious presents (including gem stones) are good. Neptune in Pisces trine Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, all water signs, mean we will be tending to overindulgence, but Hey, it's the holidays!

New Year's Eve is much the same, with an emphasis on luxury, indulgence, and talking.

Happy Holidays!


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