Astro Forecast {October 2017}
By: Nancy

      The full and new moons of October give us an opportunity to heal relationships or start new ones. On October 5, the Aries full moon has three planets including the sun in the relationship oriented sign of Libra. With these planets in a challenging aspect to Pluto, we will be avoiding anything that seems like manipulation. But for the most part all that Libra influence brings charm to our relationships (even a little glibness) while Venus and Mars sizzling together in the earth (and therefore earthy) sign of Virgo keep us firmly in reality, putting our focus on what we do that helps each other on practical level. They also put a positive emphasis on sensual pleasure. New relationships started now are grounded, not just lost in daydreams. Uranus the planet of surprises is back across the zodiac from Jupiter, meaning truth is coming to light in unexpected ways and individual expressions of who we each are may surprise people.

     The new moon of October 19 is in Libra. Starting new projects is best the first few days after a new moon. This one continues the focus on relationships. This new moon is across the zodiac from Uranus so we all benefit from spontaneity but need to see that spur of the moment actions or words don't work against us with others. Uranus rules ingenuity as well as the desire to shock. The placement of the other planets favor both truth and charm, so use that Uranian inspiration to find the most pleasing way to surprise people. This is also helpful on the business front as any new project started with also be ingenious and novel and inventive, yet done with an eye towards long term effects.

     Halloween brings a large number of planets in water signs, which means emotions will be running high but that is not negative. We will be feeling emotional connections and emotional bonds intensely this All Hallows' Eve. The Sun close to Jupiter gives us confidence and reminds us of good times past. The Moon in Pisces is close to the asteroid Chiron- expect both supernatural experiences and healing ones. Halloween is always a good time to divine the future but especially so this year, and Chiron brings us healing that we then spread out into the world around us.

A reading or healing scheduled for this time of the year brings enormous benefits.

Happy Halloween!   

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