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Astro Forecast {March 2017 }
By: Nancy

     March brings us many new beginnings including the beginning of the astrological year with the start of Spring. So the challenges we face with the last full moon of the astrological year are offset by the bouncy new beginnings of the first new moon of the coming astrological year.

     The full moon of March 12 is part of a challenging aspect called a t-square, which occurs when two planets opposite from each other are both 90 degrees (square) another planet. This full moon both sun and moon are square to Saturn. With the sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo, we are finding a balance between faith and practicality, between detail work and seeing the big picture, between paying too much attention and letting it go, all themes both these signs deal with. With Saturn square both, hard work is necessary. Over the many months Saturn has been in Sagittarius, faith, open mindedness, and tolerance are things we have had to take seriously and work hard at. This serious endeavor is the solution, not the problem. This full moon brings this clearly to our minds and offers us some practical spiritual solutions.

     March 27, five planets in Aries start the next moon cycle right! New moons are times to begin new projects, but five planets in the zodiac's first sign make this a spectacular moment to begin ANYTHING anew. The planet of spontaneity and change Uranus in this mix says there will be more than a few surprises and changes of plans but if there are no plans at all you will probably be wishing you at least gave yourself a few starting guidelines. So go ahead, make those plans but then let spontaneity flow into your life, carrying you further than if you had started nothing new.

     This includes new plans with people, new relationships, new projects, even new hobbies! Venus is close to both sun and moon in this, so get your friends involved, and bring beauty into other people's lives! 
One of the more general aspects between planets continuing this month is that of Jupiter and Uranus across from (opposite) each other, which is an ongoing influence bringing uncomfortable truths into our lives, ultimately bringing healing as we face what is real with open minds and hearts.

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