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Astro Forecast {February 2017 }
By: Nancy

      There are two eclipses in February, the first on the 10th just in time for Valentine's Day. The lunar eclipse (full moon) on the 10th has a grand trine in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), and a series of sextiles (a lucky aspect) involving most planets, bringing warm, fuzzy feelings, spontaneity, and a relaxing of rules without going too far. If you're single energetic Mars is together with loving Venus in Aries, so it's a great time to start new relationships.

To make the most of the eclipse just before Valentines, let's look at how it's going to influence love for each sign:

Aries, your ruling planet Mars and affectionate Venus are together in your sign with volatile Uranus nearby, equaling spontaneity whether or not it's a new relationship. Any plans you make it are going to be changing so make spur of the moment plans.

Taurus would often prefer staying at home with a loved one to a night out, never more so than this year. Spending extravagantly brings some especially good luck right now. If single, look in places that seem peaceful and calm, even spiritual.

Gemini, travel is indicated. If you find yourself distant from loved ones, the extra effort to make those phone calls is well worth it. The sun and Mercury in your 9th house urge travel with your loved one or if looking, go somewhere unfamiliar and even unusual to find someone new.

Cancer may be having some a rough day at work (a lot of progress but a bit of pressure), and is ready once home for intense conversation and intense coupling. If alone, find a friend to talk to and you'll soon find yourself with a plan to find a new love.

Leo in the two weeks following the lunar eclipse wears their feelings on their sleeves. While emotions run strong, they are overall happy. Staying with the truth of how you are feeling is likely to benefit yourself and others.

Virgo has three planets (Mars, Venus, with Uranus) in the eighth house of sexuality. This should be freeing. If you are looking to meet someone new, spur of the moment ideas need follow through, and sudden encounters need following up.

Libra, with Jupiter in your sign for several months, are you feeling like you have too much on your platter? With this eclipse 's configuration, February is likely to give you a chance to see the benefits of all you are doing. Fitting love into your schedule is a priority you achieve. If you can, travel.

Scorpio is in career mode lately, and going out may feel like one more occasion when you are on the spot. Staying home will further relationships new and old, and will even improve friendships.

Sagittarius, this has been such a serious time for Sag in the last year. February is the time to review what you've accomplished and celebrate! Go out on the town (even if single)! You DO remember how to celebrate! Throw a party for single friends!

Capricorn, stay home for Valentine's but be extravagant about it. Money is flowing now, so call a caterer, buy flowers and gifts, redecorate for the evening! If single you'll find a new love most easily in familiar places close to home.

Aquarius, the Sun is in your sign, the spotlight is on you. This is a time when you charm with words and also with non-verbal communication (body language charms also).

Pisces, your best bet for conveying your love this Valentine 's is communicating little messages throughout the day, not just at date time. Extend those little messages to friends also. A friendship could turn to love if you're single.

The solar eclipse (new moon) on the 26th has five planets in Pisces. Mars is in conjunction with Uranus across from Jupiter. Truth comes out in our lives but so do lies. With all that energy in imaginative Pisces, take a wait and see attitude until March if you can. If you must make decisions, Neptune in close quarters with the new moon says your intuition is stronger. Take care that the 'facts' are in fact truthful. This is a great time for writers of fiction!

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