A Little History...

By: Joy Debnath  

  A native to New Orleans, I was raised in the jewelry business mostly traveling and working gem trade shows.  My mother and father are both master jewelers and designers.  I learned stone faceting, cabachon, bead stringing, wire sculpting & more throughout my childhood years.  My experience and education in the Lapidary field led me to pursue a career in the industry and I opened Earth Odyssey in 2004. 


     Less than a year later, my parents' life's work, business and home were completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and my own fledgling business struggled to stay afloat as the tourist industry crumbled in the French Quarter.  With only a handful of my own customers, I joined forces with my mother and father and we shared my French Quarter storefront for 1 year which allowed us to keep both of our businesses alive.  They have now reopened their fine jewelry store, J&M Jewelry,  in St. Bernard Parish and Earth Odyssey has blossomed into a sanctuary of jewelry, minerals & magic as we have expanded our merchandise to include not only fine sterling silver gemstone jewelry and premium quality minerals/fossils but also an array of metaphysical paraphernalia, gemstone beads for making jewelry, essential oils, herbs & books.


Seeking to fulfill the requests of our customers, we began offering holistic services and psychic readings in 2011.  At Earth Odyssey, it is our mission to foster a desire for holistic living and self improvement through the use of gemstones, natural products and spiritual guidance.We continue to thrive thanks to the dedicated people that make up our Earth Odyssey team.  Come and meet us and I am sure that you will feel the positive vibes and go home with something that will improve your well being.


Joy Debnath - Owner

Joy has worked tirelessly for the past thirteen years to make Earth Odyssey a choice destination for people who have an affinity for gemstones, jewelry and holistic lifestyles.  She hand selects every piece in the store and handles all aspects of marketing and web design.

Jayanta Debnath - Online Store Manager & Watch Repair

Jayanta maintains the online inventory and takes professional photos of our most exquisite pieces.  He also designs beaded jewelry and can string up a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings using the gemstone beads of your choice.  If you need to get your watch ticking again, bring it in and he'll replace your watch battery while you wait!

Leah - Assistant Manager

Leah has a degree in Fashion Design and is currently pursuing a  Master's in Geology.  Her knowledge of gemstones and history of the natural world is extensive.  Whether you watch her exclusive online video series on our website or visit with her in the store, you will gain valuable knowledge about the Earth, it's origins and how the amazing minerals and fossils at our store are formed.

Tessa - Sales Associate

Tessa is a certified herbalist with a diverse background in metaphysics and a deep love for plants and the natural world.  Her extensive knowledge of oracles and divination systems is impressive and she can assist you on your healing journey and quest for personal empowerment.

Stacy - Sales Associate

Stacy has a lifetime of experience in customer service and management in the food & beverage industry.  She designs her own jewelry from natural stones and she has a deep appreciation for their beauty and healing properties.  The genuine care and devoted attention that she gives to every customer is a joyful delight.

Bonnie - Sales Associate
Bonnie is a professional photographer with a background in retail.  She has a passion for stones and natural elements.  Her high energy and positive vibes are contagious and she is ready to help you find what you are looking for at our store.

Kay - Psychic Reader

Gifted in the art of Divinity Readings and Psychic Tarot, Kay brings years of experience to the table as a reader and energy healer. She enlightens and empowers her clients by connecting with spirit guides and using her intuitive abilities to inspire, uplift and help others to overcome the hurdles of life.


Alta - Psychic Reader
Alta is of Nez Pierce, Blackfoot & French Ancestry. She is a Medium or "Seer" and her gifts assist her in all that you inquire about with the one and only truth.  She has shared her gifts for four decades with people both nationally and internationally.  She is an open and unbiased Shano Da Nai "Child of Wind".

Michelle - Psychic Reader
Michelle is a natural Oracle and has been giving out messages from spirit her entire life. Michelle serves collectively from her highest self, to help bring harmonious flow and balance to the souls who come to her for support, guidance and unconditional love.

Nila & Nimai - The Earth Odyssey Rockhounds

Nila & Nimai know their gemstones.  They are both aspiring artists and you can find their artwork depicting minerals and fossils available for sale at Earth Odyssey.  They also enjoy bead stringing and rock mining and they help to choose the fossils and minerals that you find in the store.



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